Derby entry comments for Derby #62: Panic!

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Good Luck everyone, and if you don’t fog, don’t PANIC!

Here is my entry:


A larger view
Hope you like it! There are a few different situations with panic, find them all!

It’s time to panic when you run out of candy on Halloween before you run out of trick-or-treaters.
Comments appreciated :slight_smile:

Just a silly sketch. Once again, a different style. Enjoy.

Comments and suggestions much appreciated… votes, if you’d be so kind. :slight_smile:

Even the button is freaking out. You’d better hurry up and hit it!

Oh No! It’s a bank run! Run little piggies! Run!

aww…the poor sloth. hehehe…Awesome! :slight_smile:

mistake deliquesced to sludge and ooze
(dancing snails sliming your stomach walls)
noxious fumes enveloping sweet, innocent neighbors
(dyspepsia reaching up, up; vision obscured and tunneling)
the merest scission of movement creating the sparks for conflagration
(darkness encroaching,twitching thought, twitching muscle)
panic tips; (nothing but reactive flight pervades perspective)

If you didn’t know, here’s the info about the Sword of Damocles

Well, I’D be panicking.

I hope most people get my humor in regards to this design. :wink:

Sometimes when the miniscule happens accross the behemoth they are both filled with dread! As an interesting side note Myth Busters tested this myth and the redent they tried did indeed startle the packaderm!

When in the dark, sometimes ignorance is bliss. :slight_smile: Happy voting!

This is incredible. Lots of great things going on. This should be printed somewhere if it does not place here.

This is a modified resub from the Speed derby. I added new design elements, slightly altered the color to the cheetah and sloth, did some rework on the cheetah’s face, and added to the belly of the sloth. Woot, it’s up to you if that’s different enough…

Being erased makes me panic too.

o poor fishie :o