Derby Preview #681: LiteraSHIRTS


Not for derby entries. Public domain or clip art may be allowed in direct submissions where there’s more time to evaluate the legal aspects.


Am I missing something? Did derby posting move to Fridays?


We are wondering the same thing over at next week’s preview…


Yeah same question. Is the Derby schedule shifting from Thursdays to Fridays?


A LONG time ago, the derby would end on Thursday, and it would show the preview only then, for 24 hours, and would start anew on Friday at noon. The verbage was never changed, even though that was the format probably 4+ years ago now.


Back in the days of lore…


@krittikae @chachachino @Wingfeather & @benjaminleebates sorry for the delay in notification here, but just a technical glitch over here. Hopefully you’ve figured it out by now but the derby is up.