Derby Preview #681: LiteraSHIRTS


November is National Literacy Month and this week’s derby is all about illustrating literary greats! Draw your favorite literary works, but remember that if your art is not parody it must reference works already in the public domain. Show off your smarts and reading skills and encourage others to soak in writings of excellent form, imaginative artistry or expression of ideas! Text is allowed, but just like Derby #679, we don’t need books published on shirts! Just a few guidelines for this one; No Mo Poe, and no cream shirts.

Submit your non-Literature designs through the standard submission portal.


Sooo … many will be referencing Shakespeare instead?


I have high hopes for a variety of Author’s!


A lot of Harry Potter too…


Still holds up


Yay! I love this theme! Not that I dislike the other themes, of course, I just like this one more…


@caityjean I have no doubt…especially with the timing of the movie release. HOWEVER we are launching a Harry Potter sale tomorrow so it will have been done recently I’m hopeful for more variety!

@acraigl stop planting seeds! Variety is the spice of life! If I could take bets on how many cat shirts there will be, I probably still wouldn’t because I will always underestimate…

@cdrewlow I appreciate the clarification and sensitivity to my feelings. I too am excited about this one. And Road Trip, I’m really excited about that one. Oh but the one we have scheduled for first week of December is pretty good too…oh! The excitement is too much!


So many jokes about books, so little time.


I have high hopes to see some parodies of H.G. Wells, H.P. Lovecraft, H.R. Pufnstuf . . . ok maybe not that last author, but the rest!


What the hell has happened to this place? meaning specifically the place where we type words…


New forums. It takes some getting used to.


Can I get some feedback on this rough draft? It’s inspired by The Martian. I’d call it “Alone on Mars”



Is it OK to focus on a specific author, or would you prefer we narrow it to a single work?


Hey! I like how you’re breaking the plane, but it doesn’t read as Mars to me. And if those are footprints, they’re entirely a different perspective than the figure which is visually confusing. At least to me. Maybe add earth or something to show it’s another planet and not like, I dunno, Albuquerque? :slight_smile:

Great choice for a book, lots to draw from.


I’d like to see you keep it stylistically consistent. You have the astronaut that is shaded, but doesn’t have any line work, the mountains that are thin red lines with no shading, and the stars that were apparently directed by J.J. Abrams (lens flair). I like the layout, and the stark look of it (it has an almost Saul Bass appeal), but try to settle on one consistent style. Lots of great potential.


@taternuggets Long overdue new forum software! No longer must we suffer through 12+ year old software that we couldn’t upgrade.

Embrace the features!


Thanks- it was a rough draft before work and I wasn’t sure what parts of it were working. I’m glad it has enough potential to keep working on.


Ha, yes. Thanks. I appreciate the feedback. I was tossing a lot of ideas in, not sure how I wanted it to be. I just read The Martian and Artemis a couple weeks ago and loved them.


Totally ok to focus on an Author or body of work, rather than one specific work.


Is modifying a public-domain NASA image acceptable?