Derby Preview #687: Artist's Choice!


Merry Christmas ya fine folk! As our gift to you in the derby, submit whatever you would like for this one! A chance to show off your skillz and thrillz and maybe some of your own favorite designs. We’ll let the voting public decide if you picked right. No theme, no topic and just a few short rules: No cream tees, duh. No previous Woot submissions (we’ll know, we’ll know), and no previous derby submissions. New and original artwork only please!

Oh and no holiday stuff…that Merry Christmas is a well wish, NOT a theme!

You can also submit all of your favorite things over here through the standard submission portal, if you prefer.


Are failed daily submissions allowed if they never saw a derby?


No, nothing previously submitted to Woot, whether failed or successful.

You could submit a failed daily submission as a regular less exclusive submission though?