Derby Preview #687: Artist's Choice!

Merry Christmas ya fine folk! As our gift to you in the derby, submit whatever you would like for this one! A chance to show off your skillz and thrillz and maybe some of your own favorite designs. We’ll let the voting public decide if you picked right. No theme, no topic and just a few short rules: No cream tees, duh. No previous Woot submissions (we’ll know, we’ll know), and no previous derby submissions. New and original artwork only please!

Oh and no holiday stuff…that Merry Christmas is a well wish, NOT a theme!

You can also submit all of your favorite things over here through the standard submission portal, if you prefer.

Are failed daily submissions allowed if they never saw a derby?

No, nothing previously submitted to Woot, whether failed or successful.

You could submit a failed daily submission as a regular less exclusive submission though?

I would like to know the justification of this a little more.

I come up with what I think is a good idea. A few good folks at woot decide it’s not. All good. Can’t they be proved wrong by the voting community, especially because it’s sight-unseen by them? I totally get not re-entering something from in a previous derby without changes – that’s just annoying. But if a previously conceived idea works well for a future derby, what’s the harm exactly?


This is a rule for this derby only, you are free to submit any previously rejected designs to any future derbies. However the intention behind this rule for this particular derby is to see some new and fresh designs as well as add a bit of a challenge to the competition! It’s not just an offload any design you have in your library week, but this is a great opportunity to take advantage of a busy shopping time and really cater to what people want!

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Excellent. Thanks for the clarification!

This derby notwithstanding, the past precedent has been that you can’t directly resub designs anyway, you have to rework it at least SOME. A great example of this is Jennzilla’s Hocus Puffcus. She tried that design multiple times, making changes and edits each time until it was successful.

I both love and hate Artist’s Choice derbies. I love the huge variety involved, but I have a hard time focusing myself, so I always end up with like 7 designs going at a time. Good thing I’m still on medical leave from one of my jobs. Surgery recovery is no joke, but it sure does leave a girl time to draw!

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Hope you are on the mend krittikae! Looking forward to seeing what the extra time brings!

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I recall that was from one derby to another. I don’t think the same rule ever existed for a direct sub to woot, then into a derby.

Hi Guys,

This derby is going to be delayed in launching, right now we are going to launch at 2pm CST. My apologies for the delay.

Sweet, thanks for the heads up! See you in 2 hours!

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good thing i checked here. lol. i was just hitting refresh thinking, “WTF is wrong with the site?” lol

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Totally what I was doing haha

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Same here. Whew :sweat_smile:

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Thanks for understanding, not the experience we want but things happen! Meanwhile…I posted 2 new derby previews so you can check those out while you wait!

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