Derby Preview #694: Wanderlust!

This week is for the gallivanters, the vagabonds and the nomads! Those with a strong desire to wander and explore the world can share the passion with the introverted, shy and bashful prefer-to-stay-at-homers. We want to see designs that inspire you to travel or communicate a strong desire to wander! As always no cream tees.

Submit your introverted designs though the regular submission portal if you’re not in to travel!

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Can we ban “All that wander are not lost” slogans and it’s variants for this one?



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It’s been a while… when do we submit for this derby? Next Monday, 2/4? Or next Thursday, 2/7?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Thursdays - This derby will start 2/7.


I just noticed (6 days late) that on the main derby page, it says you are trying to avoid “All those who wander are not lost variants” but there was nothing about that in the Derby preview write-up above. I realize that it says it is not a hard and fast rule for this derby, but given that many of us do the designs before the actual derby comes out, springing a new restriction like that on the Thursday start-day could be problematic in future derbies.

It was not a rule per se, it was just a suggestion. And more geared towards newer artists who may not have as much experience as you guys and know whats already out there.

Agreed I could be better about posting updates so you know, but with this one I didn’t want to deter too much, because those phrases also sell…so it was a balance.