Derby Preview #715: NSF...Anyone

Hide your Mothers, avert your children’s eyes…we’re going dark for this derby. We are looking for designs that poke fun, are moderately risque or down right rude(ish).

This week is not safe for anyone, including the politicians. That’s right politics are allowed with a big, fat BUT…you must depict both sides either in the same political design or with 2 entries. Any political entry that does not have a corresponding balance submitted within 24 hours of the first entry will have to be rejected - and feel free to hit that tattle button and help me out with that one!

Just remember we won’t print anything offensive, nudity or profanities that are not disguised creatively.

This derby launches July 4th.

If you want to create something thats full of sugar and spice and all things nice, submit here!

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I can get behind this derby theme.

What about cases where Woot/tattlers see an entry as political but the artist does not? I’m thinking of issues like flat earth/conspiracies, global warming, and human rights that could be considered obviously a matter of right/wrong (making a “balance” entry unwise unless required).

Any chance of a mod warning giving 24 hours notice when political content isn’t 100% obvious?

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How exactly does balance work mathematically? Let’s say that an artist wanted to do an anti-Trump shirt. Do they also have to submit shirts against EACH of the 167 Democratic contenders? Or is it okay just to submit a shirt against ONE of the Democratic hopefuls—like an anti-former Alaska senator Mike Gravel shirt?

Politics allowed? It’s going to be a busy weekend posting catpics …


You are over thinking it… anti-trump = pro-trump, anti climate change = pro climate change,
Anti flat earth = pro flat earth,
Anti illuminati = pro illuminati…
Get it?

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Ouch. What I’ve got now is a headache…
But I guess you’re right.
It’s 2019 and nothing makes sense anymore.


Don’t worry… next year, all will be 2020.

Hmmm… I’ll have to try and stay abreast of this derby.

I don’t think designs will necessarily break down so clearly, especially since Wooters are so prone to sarcasm :slight_smile: This is why I’m requesting a comment from mods if a balance entry is needed (particularly since some of the things you mentioned, like flat earth, are not obviously political to most people).

Here is an example of how muddy things can get- if someone were to make a Trump/Putin 2020 campaign shirt, it is not obvious to me whether the intention would be pro or anti Trump unless I knew who submitted it. Another example would be a 2020 campaign shirt for a politician named Rich Whiteman- if no political party is stated and the politician is fake, would a balance entry be needed? I could see the argument either way, which is why I’d like Woot to give some guidance on specific entries once the derby is underway.


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sorry. :frowning:


Supposedly there was plenty of ragequitting that went on, though, so maybe it won’t be as bad this time? That’s what I’m telling myself anyway.

Yeah… I over simplified a bit and go lost in my own metaphor.
I don’t think non political things need a pro and con… but to be fair sometimes it feels like EVERYTHING is political these days. “Oh, you like cats… I see… you are one of THOSE people.”
I would say the opposite of a Trump/Putin shirt would be a Biden/Xi Jinping shirt I guess. Maybe if a person is going to go political they had better have a good argument ready for we their TWO designs are opposing viewpoints; then it will be up to woot to buy into their BS or not! LOL

But, yes, another paragraph or two from the woot gods would be lovely.

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It’s impossible to balance out this dumpster fire of an administration. So, a shirt making fun of the other side will always feel a bit light.

Like you said, you’d have to waste your time making up shirts which make no sense (like Biden/Xi ) or delve deep into idiotic conspiracy theories.


I agree that the counter argument will undoubtedly be pathetic compared to the vitriol poured into the other side. " I really hate blank so i will make the opposite view just because I have to…"
If a person feels the need to vent their frustration into a shirt about current political elements, then they should have enough respect for woot to swallow their pride and actually TRY to give an opposing view.
I would say, If you aren’t going to put forth the effort, then don’t try.

Another Idea. Pair up with another artist and put both your names on both shirts and seek to find a designer willing to put some REAL effort into the opposite viewpoint!?


Yes absolutely, as a mod, I can agree to give artists time to explain before DQ’ing if we get tattles on something that could go either way and isn’t 100% obvious. I have done this before by commenting on the entry in the forums with a questions for derbies like the “Public Domain Day” where there was just so much material, finding the source wasn’t always easy. So rather than just DQ because I couldn’t find it, I gave the artists time to explain.

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So, if you were going to do an anti-Trump (I will take this opportunity to remind you of our caricature versus true likeness guidelines here) your balance would have to be pro-trump or anti a prominent dem figure - and just one balanced entry will be sufficient.

But you can just take the same subject matter and turn it on its head, the anti version and the pro version rather than the opposition version if that makes sense?

Exactamundo. Keep it simple.