Derby Preview #776: Politics -NOT!

Thank you! It’s very helpful to know that real issues can still be used in a clearly fictional context :smiley:

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I feel like the lines just got murkier…

A line of black-clad stormtroopers (death troopers?) guards the “imperial courthouse” from a band of object-throwing rebels, while a yellow-clad “wall of ewoks” stands arm-in-arm to keep them apart. Completely fictional characters, and doesn’t reference anything directly, yet it feels fairly political… for some reason.

I’ll steer well clear of the boundaries for this derby, but I might have to give this idea a draw for my own amusement.

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Hey! I already had the “Mando for president” done! It was out of the Derby, but was printed and made a good sale! :wink: It’s still there:

There have been a couple of others, too- all fun designs!

I expect there to be more in the derby too, though hopefully different from what has already printed :smiley:

Love the conversation and insight, @Lady5tark. Thank you for this.

Would you be interested in bringing up a potential collaboration with the non-profit in the future? Maybe a theme around the subject? I could always put you in touch. They have partnered with Lyft & Miles for Migrants in the past to great success, and they’re a registered non-profit.

Here’s their page if you want to take a look around:

I won’t be offended if you say no, or if the powers that be want to avoid the topic. I get it. But how cool would it be if it WERE to happen? LOL

I would not, any kind of charitable donation outside of giving an organisation straight cash is quite difficult for us actually.

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No worries. Figured it was worth a shot. I’m sure they’d be happy to have some cash as well though! Haha!

don’t forget Monty Python and Star Wars.

That’s star space stuff isn’t it?

Should hold a “guess the number of Monty python and starwars shirts” this week.
I mean, I’m not doing one, but I can imagine quite a few iterations.



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I legit wear my Rick Roll election shirt to vote every year. 2019 - chemo hair, but still voting.


Is the concept of zombies/the walking dead voting to political? Or is it all about context? Or would the implications be too overt? What says you!?
If the dead can do it, so can you!

I’m going to ask because I don’t want to get axed for it. I’m assuming years are ok on this one, or would you prefer not?

Prefer no years, especially 2020, BUT we do have some pop culture voting tees with years reference in the franchise that are more nostalgic. So that kind of thing would be preferred.

Given the voting fraud campaign thats happening, maybe we should avoid??

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k. It sounded like a funny idea, even without the politics of it, but it would immediately be interpreted that way by some… It lurches along a thin line for sure.

New World Order? Is that politics or not? Can I make this work if I remove Trump? Thanks.

I still need that one explained to me.

Would you make it a campaign or vote shirt?