Desert Steel Outdoor Living: Desert Steel II

While pretty to look at, the hummingbird feeder is not too functional - a reservoir you can’t see / see into, and only holds 8 ounces - which would feed 4 birds for a day.

And while I don’t have this one so I can’t speak with certainty - I’ve yet to see one with a design like this that didn’t dribble itself empty.

Buy it for looks, don’t buy it for feeding hummingbirds. The $7 plastic jobs from Wal*Mart will do a much better job of actual feeding.

Bahaha that flame in the picture is about to light up all those flowers!

My package is being shipped to an old address, I’ve contacted customer service twice with no response. Will you please update my order?

We are unable change orders. In the future, you can self-cancel in the first 15 minutes after ordering. There’s a link in my signature.

After that, the order is released for processing and lost in the bits and bytes of computerdom.

Customer service will get back to you with some options shortly.