DeWALT 20V MAX Drill Drivers (Your Choice)

DeWALT 20V MAX Drill Drivers (Your Choice)

Get the impact driver.

Amazing tool, and IMO, DeWalt is the best.

If you’ve ever tried to drive in a screw with a drill motor, this is going to blow your mind and you will never turn back. Think of it as a hammer drill that effortlessly drives in the screw without even slowing down.

Lithium batteries hold their charges MUCH longer than the old ones, which literally have to be continually charging. AND, unlike the old batteries, they have no memory as to the last charge. With the NiCad batteries, if you only used it half way and then recharged it every time at that point, that point became the spot where the battery thought it was dead. Not so with lithium batteries.

And if you need it for drilling, they have tons of drill bits now that will fit in driver. And they also have specialized heads that fit in the drivers that will take any normal bit.

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I need it for general home applications - some wood work once in a while. Other times assembling diy furniture and stuff.

I agree with Mrgromit. DeWalt is the best. The fact that you get 2 batteries for that price is an amazing deal. Can’t lose either way, but for general use I would pick up the drill/driver. I have both in 12 volt max and 20 volt max. I use the the drill/driver most. My kids love the sound of the impact driver, especially my 2 year old daughter. I guess now I have to say you need both. I know this is no help, but I love DeWalt tools.

Good price with 2 batteries. The 20V Dewalt impact is the tool of choice at my contracting business. I wish the batteries were the next step up with the charge level indicator, but with two batteries just keep one charged all the time.

I have both. along with other dewalt tools. The quality is unmatched.

I borrowed my neighbor’s 20V Dewalt impact driver to work on my deck and was blown away with its power. Makes me want to throw away my 12v Makita. Highly recommended.

Ahh! An actually good deal on Woot! for a throwback Friday (#TBF?). Very good when you consider the best deal I found was for $99 for the tool alone at Home Depot. And whilst I agree with the others that the impact driver is a great tool, for those without a power drill, I would choose that first as it generally has more day-to-day uses. And impact driver is not going to help you hang a shelf unless you’re hanging it in cinder blocks and it won’t help with Ikea furniture!

I have both tools, the drill is good, the driver even better. But a big thumbs down on the batteries. I bought some knockoff batteries off eBay with 6.0 AH rating, they are FAR better than the original 2.0 AH and at least the ones that came with my drills didn’t have a meter on them. Then replacment batteries have that too.

A couple years ago I bought the drill/driver set with 2 batteries for the same price. Comes in handy all the time and the built-in little flashlight helps me see where I’m drilling in dark areas.
Back then the 5.0Ah 2-batteries starter kit everyone seems to mention was available. Shame they’re aren’t this time around.

DeWALT Hammer Drill/Driver or 2-Battery Starter Kit

Its really not that great of a deal… Lowes has the same one right now for 119.00 and I dont believe these are the brushless ones here?

For stuff like furniture assembly DO NOT get the impact one.

All the DeWalt 20v are brushless.

This is a good deal, but not a killer deal. Typical for this setup is $120.

If you want to spend $20 more at Lowes, have at it. In my world, 20% off is a deal.

Oh! Already ordered