Digital Blue Flix Digital Camcorder

If I ever bought this, I would pretend the mickey mouse logo on the front is actually Deadmau5. Too bad I’ll never buy this. Too bad for my fantasy.

found user manual, and reviews.

Is this the camcorder all those POTC softwares are supposed to go with?

Anyone know what video format & compression this is? And how many minutes a 2gb card will record?

whats the video resolution and size? anyone?

This would go great with the Disney director pack, I hear many of you got them in your boc

too bad you can’t buy 6 or 12!

I bought one for my nephew and the sound quality is surprizingly good.

i got it. 640 x 480

Here’s a pdf file of the user manual.

Also a manufacturer’s FAQ that includes some technical questions including the perennial “Will it work with a Mac.”

That’s not a review. Says so in the first line.

Main Features Video Capture 640 x 480
White Balance Automatic
Exposure Modes Automatic
Digital Zoom 4 x
Media Type Flash card
Webcam Capability Yes
Camcorder Effective Video Resolution 300 Kpix
Camcorder Sensor Resolution 300 Kpix
Camcorder Interpolated Still Resolution 1.3 Mpix

Blast! I Got that Kodak Camcorder a few days ago and THIS comes up! Well too bad I’ll be enjoying my viedos in HD. Shame, just a crying Shame.

In all seriousness, for about 25 Bucks, You probably get a decent camcorder for some kid at home, especially with it being brand new. Decent stocking stuffer perhaps?

Thanks Woot in for 3…Just spent $32 a piece for these on Black Friday for the kids. Taking those back now.Helluva savings.

Seeing as it’s a standard resolution camera, 2GB would probably give plenty of recording time - more than you’d ever need on a camera like this. Let’s face it, people… this isn’t a high quality camera. It’s not going to take “good” digital pictures, and it’s not going to take “good” video. However, as a cheap as all get out digital video camera, it would probably make one heck of a decent camera to take with you for those “man I wish I had a video camera right now so I could youtube this” moments. Small, convenient, runs on AA’s (no need to buy custom replacement batteries, no need to charge the camera, etc), and will probably take “acceptable” quality videos for capturing the occasional interesting and funny moments. It’s not good for, say, video taping your family vacation or a wedding, but for a child or for those wild parties where you don’t want to risk destroying a $500 camcorder, I think that for $18+ship this thing is beyond ideal.

Disney?? Never heard of 'em

meh meh meh, not bad small gifts for my nephews and nieces…

Great X-Mas gifts for my 2 sons. Maybe they’ll let me in on the ‘action’ (if you know what I mean).

This will be a good gift for a young child/budding film maker. According to the description, anyone planning to purchase should be aware that it comes with Hannah Montana and High School Musical faceplate. Anyone know if both the black and white models come with the same faceplates? I can see the white one (with the pink mickey ears) would be for girls, but the black?

I did an internet search and found a photo of the black model DS15004 that shows the mickey ears as a pinkish color, not reddish like Woot’s photo. I suspect that the face plates for both really are Hannah Montana & HSM. Seems more geared for girls. JMHO, LOL :slight_smile:

Could be a decent stocking stuffer. Does anyone know how difficult it is to get it on the computer and do some light editing?

Will this work with my mac?

NO, thank goodness. Well, not unless you boot your MAC up using some crapolla Windows OS, which is, of course, an option.

This is just the kind of crapolla video camera that would make sense to use with a crapolla PC that can’t boot up with a cool MAC OS.

Wow, don’t know why I thought I needed to get up on that soapbox. Glad I got it outta my system though. Whew… Don’t need to carry around THAT resentment anymore.