Digital Photo Christmas Decoration



Haven’t found much on these, but the price point has me in for 3 as they will make great gifts for the grand parents (preloaded with cute grandkid pics of course).




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My wife picked these up (the red round ornaments) last year for about 8 bucks each. They are actually not a bad little device - but yeah, they are kind of cheesy . . . the slideshow setting works really well and they are a bit heavy for a real tree branch, but on an artificial tree you can kind of prop them or use a little wire and grandma will adore it . . believe me, that is what these are for, the old folks love stuff like this.

The resolution is actually better than you might think and the software that is included is definitely MEH . . . but you have to use it (at least you did on the ones she bought) . . .

The best suggestion I can make - MAKE A BACK-UP of the files once you have filled the ball with your seventy some images . . . it makes doing the next one a breeze and a few wrong button pushes by a Luddite on the baby Jesus’ birthday and you’ll be reprogramming this - possibly several times. Back up the bitmaps!

Merry Ho Ho Ho. Ho.


Amazon links for these products, with some reviews:

Green Ornament

Red Ornament

Gold Ornament (6 reviews)

Penguin Ornament

Snowman Ornament (1 review)

Snow Globe


The snowman says drugs and the green one has a fire on it. Merry Christmas!


So… Amazon wants $12 to 13 plus shipping. And woot wants $5 plus shipping.
Good choice woot


Finally, xmas presents…


what if i want more than 3


Exactly what I was thinking. This will be my son’s first X-mas and his grandparents are gushing for photos. If only I could record sound on these that would make them perfect. I have a perfect sound clip of my 6 month old son laughing. I got three.


Then you pay extra shipping for the 4+ ones.


In defense of the “Old Folks”…that would be me…I really don’t think I would like one of these. I would prefer the picture frame. And I don’t think cheesy is a good word for a gift for granny. I personally have NOT lost my taste for the finer things in life! Technology included.


Why doesn’t the snowman have any arms?


I got the picture scanner from the main site a week or so ago intending to sneak all our old family Christmas photos out of my parents’ house and put them on CD as presents. This deal is perfect timing!


I just purchased 3, with each additional purchase (up to 3) the Frt is only $5. My total was $19.97 for 3 including shipping. Now


Furthermore, you can only order more than 3 if you open a second account.

For those new to Woot:

One order per account. You may order 1, 2, or 3 and shipping is $5 (per order) regardless of how many you order.


in for 3- nice office gifts… for the people you dont really care too much about


Snowmen on drugs are scary.


In for 3!