Disc-O-Bed Cam-O-Bunk or Kid-O-Bunk

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Disc-O-Bed Cam-O-Bunk or Kid-O-Bunk
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For anyone wondering on how they assemble.

Can anyone explain the real difference between the two? It looks like the Adult would be the way to go because it is cheaper and made to hold up to two adults. Am I missing something?

Wow 71 lbs. Mobile if you are thinking of a truck and not schelping this on your back. I wonder what they promised / bribed the kids in the photo carrying the youth version to get them to smile with a 45 lb mass on their shoulder?

Look at the specs tab: Adult one is rated up to 500lbs per cot, kids is 200lbs…measurements are completely different, weight of units are completely different…(I’d venture a guess on the price difference and say it’s “snazzy color” related LOL)…if I were going to get these, I’d get the adult ones so they’d hold up longer.

Yeah, that is exactly why I was asking. I am trying to figure out why the kids is $20 more. I am thinking of this for a gift for kids, but don’t want to pay more for less if that is the only difference. Thanks for the reply, vmforrest :slight_smile:

Kids you get 2beds… to make bunk beds
Adults you only get 1 bed???

Lots of add ons too to buy separately for adults!

I have a set of the adult size. Yep, they are heavy. They are also sturdy and comfy. Each cot packs neatly in its own carry bag. Assembly is fairly easy.

We put kids on them bunked in a tent (4 person).

Heavy is good. It means it’s not going to collapse under the weight of you wrestling with a bear. This is a set, and comes with a bottom and top cot. They are structurally different, and will look slightly different when used as individual cots side by side.

Did anyone think these should have had speakers when they read “disco”?

Now if these had battery packs integrated into the frame so your kids could recharge (or use) their phones or portable electronic devices, or to hook up a usb speaker dock device to listen to music, these would keep kids happier when camping with the parents away from their friends.

Don’t understand your post. The adult version has 2 beds just the same as the kid version. Yes the main website has add-ons for people who need different features, like extended space between cots, mosquito netting, and foot rubbers to protect interior floors. These are not required additions to use the bunk beds.

I think the general thought is that it’s just “not fair” that the smaller, lighter, lighter-duty item costs more, and runs against the person’s sense of logic.

I would guess that consumers benefit from the decreased price to manufacture the Adult Version as it is used by the military. Thus we the general public are getting a great price because of the increased scale and that we don’t have child soldiers. Probably a good thing so I’m not griping. See

link to pdf assembly instructions is still a dead link, same as last time it was offered…

Youth models are 35lbs