Disc-O-Bed Extra Large in PU Fabric

Disc-O-Bed Extra Large in PU Fabric

We own this model/color, but in a kit that includes the height extenders.

These are incredibly solid bunks and also work fine separated as individual cots. They even come stored in two separate bags.

The convertible “sofa” mode, while it works, is not very comfortable, nor all that easy to convert and convert back to bunk. You won’t likely bother.

Don’t be thinking these are anything but car-camping or extra beds at home - they are incredibly heavy, much, much heavier than the typical camping cots, even in separated individual mode.

Key and critical option for the comfort of the bottom occupant - the optional height extenders make the space between the bunks much roomier, particularly for side-sleepers . Our kit from one of the warehouse clubs included the extenders.

Disc-O-Bed Customer service? We found them to be completely unresponsive. (One of the roller ”discs” was a bit stiff/more difficult to assemble. Hopefully it will loosen over time.). Perhaps not an issue here since the warranty coverage is by Woot, for 90 days.

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