Disc-O-Bed Large or Extra Large


I own both the kids and grown up versions of these beds.

The adult version is great but it’s main drawback is its weight. These bad boys are made of heavy steel which makes them unbreakable but not something you want to go backpacking with. I’ve used them for house guests and for tent camping. They also collapse into a portable carrying case but don’t plan on carrying both pouches at the same time. I did have one minor issue with one of the beds which I emailed their support about and they immediately took care of the problem with no questions asked so customer service is A+.

The kids version especially comes in handy when we have sleepovers either at our house or when we’re traveling. The kids version isn’t too heavy, collapses into a suitcase sized pouch and is super durable. We bought them instead of having larger rollaway beds or the terrible blow up mattresses. The kids love them and would sleep on them every night if we let them.

Ping me if you have any questions.

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Been tempted by these bunks for a couple years. And saw them in person when Costco started selling them locally on a seasonal basis. They are cleverly designed and very solidly built.

Not only can you use them separately as cots but it converts to a high back “sofa” during the day.

One tip, if you find the distance between the bottom and top bunk a bit tight (designed that way to fit in a tent) they offer extensions that increase that gap by about 6-8 inches.

The only thing that’s kept us from grabbing a set? It does not appear they could easily (comfortably) used side by side as a double bed. But that is understandable due to the design.

Don’t understand why it is a Woot 90-day warranty and not the standard Disc-O-Bed 1-year warranty?

Did Amazon/Woot get a special deal on these without warranty coverage? Seems odd family-owned Disc-O-Bed would risk their reputation with a third party warranty.

Good catch. Thank you! Warranty is updated to one-year.

We’ve had these beds for a couple of years now, and they work great. We bought the regular large adult version, because @ the time our two smaller fry could share the bottom bunk.

They are quite heavy, but still good for travelling - we have three kids, so bringing an extra bed or two means we have more flexibility in hotels/spare room options.

I personally think the “couch” configuration is uncomfortable to the point of not being a real option, but YMMV.

This is a really good price, btw.