Don’t Litter Woot Info Post - you’re soaking in it

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The tree knows he’s using his own kind to sweep the litter up with right?

Two shirts in one month with 1. a tree with arms and a face, and 2. a gratuitous squirrel. One week apart, even.

Is this a trend?

Also, tell those birds to stop littering first, if y’know what I mean…

Pretty sure the squirrel is just going to hide the litter in the crook of the trunk of the tree.

I love the texture of the tree, great illustration!

It looks like one of those teleport trees from the Sega Genesis game Landstalker. Someone out theres gotta know what I’m talkin’ about

The tree has a very “How-would-you-like-it-if some-one-came-along-and-picked-something-off of-you” look to it.

Gratuitous squirrels are the only kind. After all, you never get a squirrel the only time you need them: when you’re cracking open walnuts and want to keep them whole, as Roald Dahl taught us.

swoons this is like Wisconsin week at woot. Congrats on yet another print, Alex. You are the king of detail!

Look at it-- a squirrel hard at work while the birds just sit around and do nothing to help. Typical.

Spring cleaning…but fall colors…hmm.

reminds me of the opposite of Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree

The tree might have some Southern Hemisphere blood.

Tell the tree when he stops dropping leaves all over my lawn then i will consider cleaning up my own trash.

Those birds are jerks. not even helping. No wonder the tree is pissed off

hahaha umm maybe it’s a metal broom :stuck_out_tongue:

Two can be a trend but your standard error is going to be enormous.

Congrats on the print! :smiley:

hahah that was the idea, it’s fall and so he’s cleaning up all the leafs that fell, so he’s trying not to litter as well