Donati Mixed Red (4)

Donati Mixed Red 4-Pack
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2012 Grenache
2012 Syrah - Grenache Blend
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Good job with the specs tonight!

anyone know of any notes or anything? i’m intrigued!

Any rattage on these?
My wife really enjoys their Pinot blanc so I’m definitely leaning towards picking these up as they seem like solid producers.

Also, what AVA are these wines from? since I can’t read the labels in the tiny picture I assume these are estate bottled but would like confirmation on that.

The blending percentages are different in the website,
12’ Grenache-Syrah blend
From donati website 52% Syrah, 48% Grenache

From the offer: 25% Syrah, 75% Grenache

Paicines - Central Coast
You can click on the pic to magnify the detail.

What you found on the website makes more sense. It is called a Syrah-Grenache blend so you would expect the Syrah to be over 50% since it’s listed first.

The mobile site isn’t as friendly. Thank you kind sir for your sluething.

They never are. Glad I could help. :slight_smile:

+1. Rhone varietals are my absolute favorite, especially Grenache these days. Add Paicines (never heard of this AVA) and an awesome bottle design to boot! I hope winery chimes in.

Mitch from Donati Family Vineyard signing on. Thanks for the questions and feedback.

This offering is a part of our “Vineyard Select” wines, which are small (less than 200 cases) offerings from select blocks of our estate vineyard in the Paicines AVA

Good catch, error on our part (my bad). The blend you referenced was from the 2011 Vintage.

It’ll be fixed in just a few moments.

soooooo… which is correct? I’m guessing S-G?

Minor dyslexia on my end, apologies to the Wooters out there. The blend for the 2012 Syrah-Grenache blend is 75% Syrah, 25% Grenache.

I don’t see any of the vineyard select wines with the dark label on your website? Is this different from the 2012 Grenache and Syrah blend that is sold on your website?

Just an FYI, the 2014 Pinot Blanc was bottled in April, we’re expecting a June release…

Again, thank you for pointing out our website shortcomings. It appears that the webmaster has not updated the photos of the Grenache & Syrah-Grenache bottles. Our “Vineyard Select” wines include (in addition to the GR and SG) a 2013 Chardonnay, which sees 6 months of Oak Aging and a 2012 Petit Verdot