OMG I am helpless before this. Or these. I give up!

A great shirt if you don’t mind people staring at your chest.

At least 50 more felines for CatShirt Woot… :slight_smile:

This design would be a great tote.


Love it. I’m going to go broke buying cat shirts!
(But keep them coming)

Hey, at my age, it is encouraged! LOL
I told myself “No MORE T-SHIRTS! I lied!”

I’ve had a lifetime of cats and can find all of them within this doodle. Excellent! Tote, please, and let us buy more than just three! Thanks!

I love this shirt! But I have more navy and gray shirts than I know what to do with. Maybe in a future remix we could get some fun colors!


I’m late posting the official logo:

Tsk tsk tsk