Dove Body Wash Soap (12-Count)

Dove Body Wash Soap (12-Count)

The UPC’s and the “style” don’t match up. Also the OZ should be 22 and 34oz. The oz should be on the front of the bottle but for some reason they photoshop it out. At 16.9 oz, according to the “Size”, it’s not worth it, cheaper in stores, when they run their sales.


Yep, assuming the size is accurate and the pricing isn’t insane, looks like it’ll be the 16.9oz flip tops and 18.5oz pump tops rather than what is pictured.


They are 12 packs of the 16.9 ozs bottles , either flip top bottle or pump.
A pack of 3 similar 16.9 ozs bottles on amazon cost $21…a 12 pack would cost almost $84 on amazon.

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A 3 pack of 24oz body wash is $12.49 at costco. This is a reasonable deal if they are 24 oz bottles

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Here’s a 6-pack for ~$23, so still a few bucks saved here but certainly not half the price.


Too many misleading things on these images - notice they don’t show the bottom of the front label that captures the Ounce per bottle
that bottle looks more like the 22 oz bottle and the pump bottle for body wash is 34oz

Can anyone from Woot clear up what size bottles these are?

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If you look up, the vendor rep mentioned that these are 16.9 oz bottles.

(Please note: I don’t work for Woot, I just volunteer to help out here on the forums.)

So let’s sum this up as $0.188~ an ounce ($37.99 for 202.8 ounces) This doesn’t beat Amazon’s best price on this brand which is $0.1475~ an ounce ($12.98 for 88 ounces)

Costco is $0.173~ an ounce ($12.49 for 72 ounces)

Lastly the link you provided is for a third party seller and not Amazon. There is no doubt that link is a gouged price.

Walgreens has them at $0.136~ an ounce ($6.00 for 44 ounces) which is a stellar deal but limited to two big bottles per transaction due to coupon.

Amazon also has them on Subscribe and Save for 0.1475~ an ounce here which beats this be a healthy margin on Amazon. So let’s be a little more honest with our pricing eh?


Thanks for reminding me to check Amazon though! Now I stocked up for the year at $0.1475 per ounce before taxes which is $0.041 cheaper per ounce than Woot/you have us paying. Also worth noting it’s been this price for quite a while now… so it would be beneficial to check on all the listings rather than relying on the worst one found.


def an odd size (middle) versus the two “standard” retail sizes; maybe made specifically for bulk sellers aka warehouse clubs, etc.?