Duracell Alkaline Batteries

I hope the AAA and AA battery photos are just an old Woot stock photos since the expiration dates are April 2013 and June 2013.

Much better deal over at TD right now. 0.2184375/ AAA Cell.


I would want to know the expiration dates on the batteries. I’d also like smaller quantities like 15 and 25.

Please let us know the expiration date on these batteries since we are buying a bulk pack!!!

That info is on the specs tab. :slight_smile:

Amazon has the D Procell 12 pack for $15 … and prime eligible. Better battery cheaper price.

Matt, if you are referring to the dates printed around the top of the battery, that is the date the battery was manufactured and not the expiration date.

The product info says these expire in 2019. That means these batteries were made in 2009. Duracell batteries have a 10-year shelf life based on and printed from the date of manufacture. So while this is actually a great deal, if you plan to bulk for prepping purposes know their shelf life may be 1/2 gone already.

80 Pack Duracell Coppertop AA Duracell


Woot needs to do a better job of packing batteries.

I ordered the 9V ones a few months back and they were just freely flying around in the box… ZERO attempt at properly packing them.

Two of them were shorted out as a result and were warm when I pulled them out of the box. They were not fully charged as a result. Several other batteries were dented.

The shipping on that is awwwwwful, makes this deal much more appealing.

Just got my tracking info! 7 day delivery from Chicago to Cleveland Ohio? I can walk from Chicago to Cleveland in less that 7 days! WOW!


More like 3 days shipping. Item arrived on 3/20. That is when it is/was shipped. It is being shipped by Fed Ex, so deduct Sat and Sun. Total is 3 days Fri, Mon, with delivery on Tues.