Duracell CopperTop 9V Alkaline Batteries, 16ct

Duracell CopperTop 9V Alkaline Batteries, 16ct

Amazon proper is cheaper. 12-pack for $24.99. Or you can get the commercial/industrial version, Duracell Procell, 12-pack for $20.99.

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This is a 16 pack, but yes, overpriced just the same.

It’s almost as if woot has just given up.


Yep, crappy price… Two 8 packs at Costco come in at 37.98 and that is the regular price. They were on sale last month for 34.98 if I recall correctly.

What the heck Woot! More and more I wonder why?

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Yes, I assumed readers could do the math :slight_smile:

Not everyone here has a Costco membership

If you don’t like it then don’t buy it.

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True - but a lot of us rely on this sort of feedback to determine the actual value offered.


I have kids, all kinds of gadgets etc. The only things I own that use 9Vs that I can think of are the smoke detectors and an old multimeter. It might take my lifetime to use 16 of them. The y definitely will expire by then. I had to replace a battery in a smoke detector a few months ago and in my battery supply the only 9V I had expired 4 years ago. I bought a 4 pack and I will probably throw one or two away in 7 or 8 years when they are 3 years past expiration.

They’re definitely “charging” too much for these.

I’m out of AAA and low on AA, in case you want to put a deal up for those…

You’re supposed to change the batteries 2x a year in smoke detectors, and standalone CO detectors. I go through about 16 a year, and I don’t have a big place. Waiting until they chirp, isn’t a good idea.

It’s an ok deal if you buy name brand, don’t shop at warehouse clubs, or want them delivered direct.

Btw, I spent days trying to figure out which detector was chirping intermittently. Turned out it was some damn kid in one of my son’s Zoom class with his
microphone on. Go figure…


I used to do that, until I started testing the batteries I was taking out and realized they had almost all of their life still in them. I think that advice is for people who are A) using carbon zinc batteries instead of alkaline, and/or B) have detectors that are not wired in. So I cut back to changing them once a year, in the spring, when the clocks change. But I still buy a lot of 9v batteries even doing it that way, which is how I immediately knew this deal was overpriced.