Dyson AM07 Bladeless Tower Fan

Dyson AM07 Bladeless Tower Fan

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Are these worth it? How hard are they to clean? I mean yes they’re “bladeless” and Santa is real but really, it’s definitely gotta have some upkeep to it

Fan of fans right here

Is this ok
for outdoor use?

Under what conditions? Dry day, sure. Rain, not so much.

Bought one of these on woot previously and the thing failed and never turned on again the first time I went to replace the filter and I got no support from woot or Dyson. This was a waste of money.

Hi there. Talked with Woot customer service and they can’t find a contact from you after looking by order number, username, and email address. Looks like you’re out of warranty as it was purchased in 2020.

When you contact Woot CS, make sure it’s from the email address on your woot account. Best thing is to use the support form.