Dyson Pure Cool Me Personal Purifying Fan

Dyson Pure Cool Me Personal Purifying Fan

What is the length of the warranty?

Silly me. I just scanned the warranty heading and didn’t actually read the description.

a 90-day warranty,

Follow up question:
Is this 90 day warranty backed by Dyson or Woot?

The link for the warranty info goes to the Dyson website, so my assumption would be it is from Dyson…

Got a good chuckle reading this from you after your response when I asked about the warranty on the ring floodlights.

But I’m going to go ahead and guess these come with a 6 month Dyson warranty. I just bought a factory reconditioned TP04 on here for stupid cheap, and didn’t think the warranty registration was going to work. Sure enough it did, full 6 month Dyson warranty is active now.

I’m pretty sure the previous post is correct and it’s a Dyson 90 day warranty. I’ll tag @notmatty for confirmation though.

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I’m not perfect! Haha. Thanks for the insight. Wondering why these are listed as only having 90 days warranty vs the 6 months if it is factory refurbished like the TP04.

How is the TP04 holding up? I’m eyeing that one too, but don’t know if I would want to pay $300.

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Haha, all good. Like I said on the Ring post, and the only reason I asked, things seem to be constantly mislabeled on here. Idk if it’s on purpose so they can skirt around selling guidelines (like the sonys/vitamix), or just genuine mistakes.

The TP04 is genuinely amazing. I love tech, so something like that just appeals to me. I remember walking through Best Buy as a kid and thinking the coolest things on display were the bladeless Dysons. Never thought I’d own one just because of how ridiculously expensive they are, but when I saw the one listed on here for $117 the other week, I had to get it. And going back to the mislabeling, this is the listing page from the Dyson I bought. No mention of the Dyson warranty (maybe because it was open box?), but it still qualified surprisingly. One of my luckiest purchases recently :grin:

Hello! Our apologies for the copy/paste error. This is backed by a 180 day Dyson warranty. The event details have been modified.