Dyson V10 Animal + Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson V10 Animal + Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Bought one of these a couple weeks ago. It was in like new condition. I have a standup dysons animal. I think its a dc10 and also a dc07 (had to replace the power switch).

excellent pick up on carpets
adjustable suction level
Easily maneuverable, light.

the size of the bin is very small for fur pick up, it will fill up in 30 seconds often filling way over the max line requiring you to pull fur out of the cyclone chamber a ball at a time.

The stick part feels a little flimsy.

Old Dyson attachments will not work with it.

Lack of an easy swap battery.

Price $$$ My opinion certainly not worth the +$500 price new, even at 240 feels over priced. Maybe for 150. but if you have trouble maneuvering one of the old corded ones certainly might be worth it just prepare for a lot of stopping to empty the bin a lot. But it does pick up a lot of dust and fur.


Also, adding upon contacting Dyson recently regarding warranty…astonishingly Dyson claims Woot as not being an authorized retailer however claims Amazon is. Honestly, this is not very surprising to us who’ve shopped here for years. Manufacturers coming up with their own reasons why they won’t assist when a product falls within warranty is bull shit. This said just expect a 30 day warranty and nothing further since Dyson denies authorized authority.


We work directly with Dyson so let us know if you have a warranty issue.

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Bought same model here for $20 less last month. Had a problem immediately out of the box and Dyson sent me a replacement unit. These are refurbished but a great deal even though I had a problem. This thing is awesome! Great customer service at Dyson!