Dyson V7 Cordless Vacuum

Dyson V7 Cordless Vacuum

Does this come with the convenient docking station? And is the battery new?


Similarly, does this come with the direct drive cleaner head? It’s pictured, but not listed.

Edit: Posted below, both dock and direct drive head are included.


Please let us know if the driver head comes with this bundle.

And update your post if it is included.


Bought this last time and it looks new, but it came without the filter. WOOT support took care of me though, so I’m happy work it.

Reviews on the Bezos Battleship have a lot of ‘terrible battery life’ comments. Does anyone have one of these that can speak to this?

Bought one for the wife, she absolutely loves it.

Battery lasts 20 min on max, 25-30 on the lower setting. People critical of the life need to realize it’s a battery powered vacuum.

The mothership has an extended battery for $50, but only provides 20% more. An extra 4 min for $50 wasn’t worth the hassle, cost and added weight.



Sorry for the late response. We only just heard back from our vendor a bit ago.

Dock: Yes, included
Direct Drive Head: Yes, included

Batteries are checked and replaced if needed.

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Thank you!