Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs

Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs

Fantastic product. I own two pairs and wouldn’t go to a concert without them. Doesn’t muffle the sound, just turns the volume down so to speak.


If I understand correctly, on Amazon you get both sets (standard and smaller) for $35 in whatever color/design you want, and here you get one pair for $17.

I think that you still get two sizes with any of these selections, the “Small” one just comes with two smaller sizes than the standard does. The third from last image seems to show/explain that with exact sizes.

Also these are really great. Used them at EDC last year and it blew my mind how much clearer it not only made the music, but it made hearing other people talking to me.

I got a set of these to wear while playing drums and found them both very uncomfortable and largely ineffective. I went back to the foam ones. I guess your mileage may vary depending on the shape of your ear canals!

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I’ve bought them from both woot and Amazon. You get the same thing (a single pair) from Amazon for $35, the same thing you get from woot.

I agree with ProppaT. These are amazing, wonderful things and I wouldn’t go to a concert without them and at this price I don’t think anyone should. I

go to a multi-day music festival every year of mostly very loud and heavy music and these have transformed my festival experience. I find them much more comfortable than the foam ear plugs and the sound quality is much, much better with these. They magically turn down the volumne and really just clip the loudest parts of the sound that would otherwise buzz and hurt my ears. The music quality and clarity with these is nearly unaffected.

I love them so much I’m thinking about buying a bunch of these for my friends that I go to the festival with every year.


Anyone know if these would work for Shooting? Or do they not muffle the sound enough?

Definitely not for shooting, although you might be ok with 22’s (I still don’t recommend it though). These are great for the intended use and also work extremely well for motorcycle riding which is how I use them.

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I wear these under my normal electronic shooting muffs when at an indoor range.

By themselves, they are NOT sufficient for shooting.

That said - these are great for concerts, sporting events, or motorcycles riding.


Wow orgasim earplugs and it’s not even Fidelity Friday! These would work for those nagging old farts that dislike my choice of music rattling there ears as they wait for the light to turn green. Just saying you left them out. Although, they might not work with hearing aids!

Hi there. It’s the same as Amazons.

For each size, you get two shells of different sizes and one filter to use on the set you choose.

Per Eargasm:

Ears come in all shapes and sizes which is why with Eargasm Earplugs we always include 2 shell sizing options along with 1 set of filters to insert to the size of your choice. The High Fidelity model is best suited for normal size ear canals and the Smaller Ears Earplugs are best suited for the smallest 20% of ears. In the pics you’ll see one set of earplugs with the filters inserted into them, along with an empty set of shells that the user can transfer the filters over into if they choose.

I have bought and used these earplugs in the past. They are a little muddy for live music in my experience. I have had a better experience with Earasers.

Anyway to attach a cord to these?
Work in a food manufacturing plant and all earplugs must be corded per our safety rules.

They sell a connector cord on their website, yeah.

I’ve never tried it so I can’t comment on how well it works, but it’s an option.