Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs

Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs

Anybody know anything about these???

I’ve used these for music festivals (specifically Electric Daisy Carnival for this pair) and they work great.

They filter noise down to a safe level, without compromising quality on the songs. One of the bonuses I found with these is that having them in made it so much easier to hear the people around me talk without having to shout excessively all night.

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Yeah they’re supposedly earplugs that reduce volume across all frequencies equally and without muddying the sound. Usually advertised for concert-goers.

I’ve never personally used them.

I preferred another brand, but these are a great filter for reducing excessive volume without totally dampening the sound. Whenever live concerts come back, these are solid for saving your hearing without sacrificing all the sound.

My 13 yo son uses these while playing the drums during band rehearsal. They let more sound in than the over the ear hearing protection. He loves them I’m buying another set now

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I have found these muddy for rock concerts. Prefer earasers.

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How are they for shooting sports (target shooting at a gun range)?

Product spec says 16db reduction… the regular foam earplugs at cvs are 31db reduction. That’s close to the passive noise canceling effect provided by cheaper earphones, is the fit really much better than regular foam?

Anyway, my important question: is can they survive going through the washer/dryer?

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They’re fantastic. I don’t go to a show without mine. They feel pretty comfortable in the ears, too.

I use them when rehearsing in loud environments.

They aren’t really rated for that level of db reduction; they are a filter, not a plug. If you want to use them in conjunction with over-ear protection you could, but don’t use them as a stand-alone solution for shooting sports.

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i must be missing something pretty awesome by the name. Do tell.

NRR 16 is not very good. As someone who works at an airport, the plugs I use are NRR 32. They might be ok for an occasional concert, but I wouldn’t use them in an industrial setting or anywhere noisy on a regular basis. What a lot of people don’t realize is that noise levels don’t have to actually hurt your ears (cause discomfort) to damage your hearing.

We’re talking about earplugs???