Earthway Commercial 100-Pound Push Spreader

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Earthway Commercial 100-Pound Push Spreader
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Solid reviews (3.8 out of 5.0) over at amazon

Would this be able to be attached to my riding mower with a hitch?

No, this model is hand push only. You want to look for a tow behind model.

I’m a professional landscaper. I’ve been using this model for years. It’s lasted longer than other makes that I’ve tried. When it wears out, I buy another one just like it. It’s a fine spreader. Recommended.

I have the smaller version of this (and am tempted to buy the big one) and love it! This is the only spreader I have had that after 3 years is still going strong. The gear box has not frozen up!!!

No, but Tractor Supply, among others, sell ones designed to be towed by lawn equipment.

Would this handle spreading ice-melt and sand?

I believe so. Check out the manufacturer’s link They display the product being used to distribute ice-melt. FYI - I have the 2050 “homeowner” version of this product and absolutely love it! Did quite a bit of research after having gone through several broadcast spreaders, and hands-down Earthway products are definitely a cut above the rest. Had I not already owned one, I’d be pushing the gold button right now.

Not ideal. They make “HO” high output spreaders for that.

The 2170 is a great spreader though. Definitely worth the cost.

Yes it will… and this accessory available from Amazon will help you do that job -

EarthWay 60166R 3-Side Salt Deflector Kit for Models 2150, 2170, C22, C24, C25

Here’s the equivalent “tow behind” version of this same broadcast spreader as available from Amazon…

Earthway Commercial 100-Pound Tow Behind Spreader 2170T

I am trying to determine if it’s worth spending this much on a spreader. That being said, I had a cheap Walmart Scotts one that just broke the second time I used it.

I live in Florida, only have a .35 acre yard but I spread stuff for the lawn a few times a year. And, I spread stuff to keep the bugs down a few times a year also.

I like buying stuff that will last, but wonder if this is just overkill.

It isn’t “overkill”… and it will easily last a couple of decades for you if properly maintained.

The larger pneumatic tires make pushing this spreader across thick turf an easy chore.

This company makes a smaller capacity spreader that might be more appropriate to your property size… but you’ll pay more for it than this deal on Woot.

Earthway 2150 Commercial 50-Pound Walk-Behind Broadcast Spreader

Go “big” or go home, as they say… and your neighbors will be green with envy too.

I have about one half acre of property and would never consider buying this Spreader. There is nothing really wrong with it but it’s just too big for me.

By the way, I just trashed my Scotts spreader because it’s made of very breakable plastic. Something heavy fell on it while it was stored in the shead and cracked the hopper in half. By the way, the hopper on this expensive spreader is also made of plastic.

I have some friends and relatives who own this very spreader and the comments I hear from them are kind of mixed. One of the common complaints is that the tires always go flat and another is that it’s too big and combersome, requiring too much space to store. And then there is a group who absolutely love it.

So it’s really up to you. My personal feelings are that it’s just too big for you and for me too. We could never really utilize fully the advantages that this expensive spreader offers.

Damn, I’d like to buy the spreader but I don’t have any grass nor a lawn. I live in a town house apartment.

Thanks for the replies. I ended up not getting it, actually I forgot to log back in last night. My .35 acres is mostly taken up by house, garage, driveway, concrete walkways, and a large patio/pool area. I can mow the entire lawn - front and back - in less than an hour with a 21" mower. So, I’ll just keep an eye out for a smaller, but still decent one.