Eats, Shoots, and Leaves

Love the title!

Certainly different than the book title.

Not sure I like it…

Awesome. Pure Awesome. Don’t understand it, but it is awesome.

There’s some amazing texture on this one. Don’t miss the zoomed-in view when you click on the full-size design.

WOOOOO!!! fargo strut

nice style – not so much sketchy as charcoal smudgy but suits…score for the title pun too

Yep, pretty much terrified here.

You feel lucky punk? Well? Do you? Wooo panda.

I was really hoping for this one to win! I’m glad to see it print, and glad to be the “1st sucka” ta get shot =P

Grats again on the print! =D

whoa, the black patches around the eyes and the beadiness of the eyes… most sinister panda I’ve seen.

Love grammar references: Eats, Shoots & Leaves.

Well, you know that old saying: “Never trust a panda in a trenchcoat.”

Really glad this printed. Great shirt, and great to see Midge getting some love.

slim, chance i’ll buy this one. <=D

I can totally see the write up being made into a film and the shirt being the movie poster. The panda brings out the fear in me, so congrats, midgerock on the fantastic design!

LOVE the homophonetic style!

♪ Who’s the black/white private d****ick that’s a sex machine to all the chicks? ♪

Bamboo Shaft! ♫

Dam right! ♪

Looks like a great shirt for Pistols for Pandas members.

Congratulations Midgerock. You’ve certainly silenced those doubters who said pandas and noir don’t mix, even if it involved organising a visit from an armed bear.