Echo Show (2nd Gen) - 10.1”

Echo Show (2nd Gen) - 10.1”


We have two Echo Show 10’s like this - it is actually the 1st gen Show 10 since it was the first 10” size Echo Show sold by Amazon. What Amazon labels the “1st gen” actually had a 7” screen.

The latest currently sold 2nd gen Echo Show 10 that Amazon mis-labels the “3rd gen” is over-priced at $250 and has the irritating follow me motor.

This Woot deal Echo Show 10 represents a far better value, even at its old MSRP, much less the $70 price here. Sound quality is solid, if a bit bass-boomy like many plastic box speakers. And screen size is large enough to be useful for table/desk/counter top video viewing.

Caution: no fault of Woot, but Amazon refurbished and used devices appear to go through minimal checks. Do not let this device sit in the box upon arrival. Open it up, test it and carefully inspect the screen in with a variety of content on the screen, particularly around the edges. We’ve found two Amazon used/refurbed Echo devices to be defective (one of them this device). Woot Customer Service was fast and responsive resolving the issues.


I bought 1 of these woot refurbs in January 2023, same price _ it’s still working fine and looks new.

It did take several hours for updates and all the menus to populate with pics/info- I thought it was defective at 1st_ greyed out menu place holders and unresponsive touch points were all loaded up and working by next day


What does refurbished mean in regards to this product? This is an older product so does a refurbished unit mean it was used for a month or less, a year, two?.. I don’t mind receiving an old model if it has not been used for that long. I wouldn’t want a product that was used for a year or more and then trade it in for a new one.

Thanks for your answers and input.

Actual usage could vary from unit to unit.

(Please note: I don’t work for Woot, I just volunteer to help out here on the forums.)

Before I forget:

Regarding the numbers in the drop-down menu:

They’re the same. The inventory is in multiple SKUs and the Woot system doesn’t combine them.

I bought one of these last week and it was delivered yesterday and I opened the package and it was a 5 inch kindle. I have been trying to get customer service but nothing.

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If you filled out the support form, please allow 24-48 hours for a response, though I believe that due to the recent event week, they’re backlogged up to 48 hours.

(Please note: I don’t work for Woot, I just volunteer to help out here on the forums.)

Thanks for replying but the only option I have is to email them and I did 3 times through this app.

Hi there. Please give them time to respond. Multiple contacts risks all being resolved as duplicates.

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I’m sorry but email is the only option for contacting service support and no chat or phone support makes it difficult for the average customer if they sent the wrong item and it says the right information on printed label and packaging slip.

Same thing happened to me with an Echo 5. I didn’t open it until after the return window closed because i was in the process of moving. Low and bold it did not work. It connects to the internet, the clock works, but that’s it. It doesn’t connect to my profile, no Alexa, no weather. etc. It’s just an expensive clock.


Just explain it in the support form. CS will help you with a return and a replacement if desired.

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Great value on this Echo Show 10. I just got one about a week ago and the one I got looks brand new. It went through the software update process when first plugged in which took several minutes. After using it for about 1 hour it it froze and made me worried I may have gotten a bad one. I did a factory reset and the unit came back to life. Its been working great since.

This unit replaced a Gen 1 Echo Show 8 and as expected (since it is much larger overall) this one sounded much better. Mid range and bass are noticeably improved. Still have my fingers crossed that it won’t freeze up on me again.

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Is there a floor stand that will give this a waist level height? The weight of this unit is far too heavy to attempt to mount on the thin sheet rock used in mobile homes.