ECO 2 GO Chiller 16oz 6pk

**Item: **ECO 2 GO Chiller 16oz 6pk
Price: $9.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: New

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Check out these comments from when these were offered in May

Middle of the road reviews (2.8 out of 5.0) over at amazon

Cups like these are great.

But keeping the straw clean is not a simple task. You will need to find a way to scrub the inside of the straw.
I use an aluminum gun cleaning rod with a dampened piece of paper towel.

I purchased a straw cleaner on Amazon for around $5:

Unfortunately, hand wash is a deal breaker for me. I’ll stick with my Tervis and Aladdin cups.

This is a great price. Other sites have them at more than this price, for just One.

Why not a just use a good old fashion pipe cleaner? Remember those bendable fuzzy wires from grade school used to create stick figures? They were originally made to clean smoking pipes but can be used for any narrow long structure. You can get 50 for $2.49. At 12", they’re 3" longer than these straws. My only concern is that the craft pipe cleaners may not be food grade, thus may leech dyes and other stuff. Search Amazon for other versions.

I have a pack of those, but I didn’t bother trying them.
They are a little too thin, and the bristles are a little too flimsy.
Also, instead of using the pipe cleaners and disposing of them, with a rifle barrel cleaner and a little bit of paper towel, you just throw the piece of paper towel away.

Note: The aluminum rifle cleaner is a cheap one I bought from Walmart, specifically to clean straws. And I chose aluminum over brass, because brass may have lead in it.

Also I wouldn’t use a gun cleaner that has previously been used to clean a gun. You can’t be sure if some lead dust is still on it or not.

I had no idea a product existed for that specific purpose.

Here is the problem with these kinds of straws, you see the little bump towards the bottom to keep them from slipping out of the hole in the lid. That bump is hollow, it’s literally a bump out of the side of the straw, and even with my straw cleaning brush (also purchased at Amazon)I cannot get that little bump clean inside. I bought straight replacement straws with little removable silicone rings for my double walled glasses.

A straw cleaner … …

Its not a joke, it actually exists ,lol

I’m getting one …

I don’t trust non-toxic freezer gel from China given their non-toxic claim history. In recent years there has been (and this is just a SAMPLE):
->Deadly powdered Milk-5 tons of poison-laced powdered milk to hit our shelves
->Radioactive drywall-phosphogypsum
->Toxic dog food-melamine
->Dangerous sweets-melamine and formaldehyde
->Toxic toothpaste-diethylene glycol
->Dangerous ginger-pesticide aldicarb sulfoxide
->Carcinogenic fish-several anti-fungal and antibiotic drugs
->Tainted toys-containing lead paint and antimony
->Chinese-made jewelry-cadmium levels of over 90 percent

I’m not happy! I paid $12.99 for this last week on woot.
I wash the straw as soon as I’m done with my drink. Boiling water will sterilize the straw.

They looked so great. Don’t buy unless you like sweating cups. Unlike Tervis or other double walled tumblers these sweat-drip condensation just like a regular glass does when filled with ice and cubes.

Mt first drink and confiscation dripped all over me.!,

I hope these work and don’t break too easy. I got these primarily for my 21 year old son with Parkinson’s and autism. He can’t drink from a cup without spilling anymore because his hands tremor. I hope I didn’t waste my money. We bought other double wall cups with straws but they didn’t have gel in it. I just need more so he can take them to school and everywhere with him so he doesn’t spill.

I bought the 20 oz ones a while back on Woot. Over half of them were broken within a week, but it seems the breaks usually happened when I froze them. And of course the cracks were on the inside, so that if you didn’t notice it had cracked you would be drinking the “nontoxic” freezer gel. Also, they sweat like crazy if the gel is frozen. I like the cups, but would recommend using ice cubes instead of freezing the cups.

pipe cleaners work well also

Aaargh! I bought these last week but had to pay $12.99.

To add insult to injury I thought they would ship “free” since I bought another item from woot about 20 minutes earlier. Guess they’re not doing that ship all your purchases for $5.00 anymore. Live and learn.

The cup themselves seemed fine on arrival. No apparent cracks or breaks but the gel seems to have dehydrated - there is only about an inch around the bottom of the cup with random spots of gel near the rim. I am not sure if this is normal or not. Since I don’t plan on freezing my cups (trying to avoid condensation problems) I wasn’t too concerned.

I’ve used one cup about three times and have hand washed it each time. I set it on the dish rack to drain overnight.

The rim of the cup is now slippery and it seems like some of the gel has oozed out overnight. Guess that is why they recommend to freeze them

Thanks to the poster who gave the link to the straw cleaners (you get a set of two!).

Purchased these in May and two have already cracked from light use. Your mileage may vary…