Einhell Cordless Oscillating Multi-Tool

Einhell Cordless Oscillating Multi-Tool

So, just asking for a friend @daveinwarshington.

Would this be a good tool for lifting bathroom tile?

tile on a wood/backerboard or tile on concrete slab?

Yes, that one.

I’ve been thinking about redoing the guest bath. My house was built in the 70’s and it was ridden hard and put up wet. I’ve redone so much but there are some cracks and defects in the bath tile.

They’re not a huge issue but I have some cabinets I bought for it and would like it to look nice.

This house was a foreclosure that sat empty for 2 years. It took some doing getting it to the sheriff’s sale because the niece of the guy who signed it over to her ghosted and went to Atlanta on us (the hoa).

It was dirty, smelled bad and had brown paper bag colored paint on the inside lol.

I had the kitchen gutted, new counters and cabinets, fancy schmancy appliances of course. Moved the new HVAC up to the attic and put in some new wood flooring in some rooms. Of course new paint, carpet and incidentals throughout. Brand new hot water tank, of course.

I really wish I had dealt with the bathrooms before I moved in.

It will depend on the bond of the tile mud between the tile and the slab. I have had some stubborn tiles that takes beefier tools.

Sometimes I can get away with this blade on my recip saw. If it is loose,etc.

Otherwise, if you have alot to take up and dont want to strain your arms, rent this from HD with the appropriate blade and it is faster and more cool

You can always fall back to manual methods. You will end up using this anyway for hard to reach areas with the power tools and to clean up any remaining thinset.

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That looks like some good options. I already have a nice Milwaukee HACKZALL.


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