EKO Motion Sensor Trash Can, 6 L

EKO Motion Sensor Trash Can, 6 L

Is this actually a 6L trash can? Would be cute for a desk at work if so but kind of useless otherwise…

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I think it’s for the bathroom.

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What kind of batteries does this take? Can’t find this info anywhere

This deal is duplicated at two different prices. Absent actual size in inches I am guessing that this is minuscule.

Hmmm, that is odd. Let me ask about that.

Update: we’ve removed the higher price one and refunding the difference to those that bought it.

Yes I saw that too at a higher price. That listing is sold out now. 6 liters is about 1.5 gallons.

What exactly is “electric sensor”? Does this mean it senses when your’re about to throw something away or do you have to press a button on the lid for it to open? The title “Motion Sensor Trash Can” makes one wonder if there is something automatic about it. I can’t find a description about this item. In fact, a lot of times I cannot find descriptions about items which makes me pause before ordering. I know they always have funny commentary about an item, and I appreciate that, but when you want to find the real details and analysis of a product, it is sometimes difficult, unless you google it and get the information somewhere else. Maybe that is what is expected since there are a lot of items for low prices? Not to be rude, but saying, i’d love to have a link that explained… maybe I am too much of a detailed person… thanks! Please don’t slam me… I just have a question, and a few comments, that is all. thanks again.

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//slam slam slam

Sorry, I don’t know much about this little can as it’s an item we moved over from Amazon inventory to offer here at a reduced price. It seems to be a discontinued model because I can’t find any info on it anywhere except an old archive Amazon page.


That page lists it as 14 x 10 x 10 inches

OK, I went to youtube and found the video. It’s pretty awesome. There is a sensor in the front, and when you wave your hand over it, or anything is detected the lid opens. OR, you can press a manual open and close. When the lid opens there is a cool blue light that comes on, and it appears to have a five second count down before the lod closes. I think the best bet would be to get a 13 gallon for the kitchen, but a smll one for the bathroom could be cool and unique. Impressive to someone who woke up in your house with you and went to the bathroom first thing in the morning, and saw the cool tecnical trash can haha… Just saying… So, it’s pretty cool. it uses batteries, and I think they are six of the AA batteries, at least that is what is required of the 13 gallon.
good luck mates.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hKGPLxLXswI forgot the link to the youtube video I watched.

[MOD: Note that this is a video about a different trash can]

details kinda

Manufacturer EKO
Model CW2258MT-6L
Locale US
List price $59.95
EAN 6951800611276

That video isn’t even for this model nor brand. Reviews for EKO are pretty bad. But I can’t find reviews for this particular model. I’m still on the fence.

yeah, sorry its not the 6L, but it is surely how it probably works since this is the same can in the video, it’s just the 13 gallon option instead. At least from my best guesses… thanks guys for not slamming me!! LOL I know hostile only from posting things…

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Hard pass. Great price but not enough reviews or details.

I would have liked to see more in the “specifications” tab that just repeating that it’s a EKO Motion Sensor Trash Can, 6L. How about dimensions?

Ok, just read it in the replies it’s 14"x12"x12". Strictly a bathroom item @ 6L or 1 1/2 gallon. Here is the problem. You will never find that exact size bag. It is going to be a 2-4 gallon bag and Amazon sells a 2000 count for $43.00. That’s just way too small of a container.

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