Element 26” Class 720p LCD HDTV

ooooooh pretty Nice TV for the buck

Seriously??? ANOTHER TV???



seriously…everyones bought a tv already…stop posting them!

This s NOT a Bag of Carp!

Yay another i d i o t box.

Alright! About time they put up a TV I’ve been looking for one

What is the new price of this one gonna be?

half the nation is going to be outfitted with tvs and monitors by the time this wootoff is over…

Get the instant noodles out, this is going to be a while.

I just love TVs so much.

I Already bought like 5 tvs today!!!
Damnit I don’t want any more!

I’m waiting for the price to drop.

Woot: listen to the chicken:

and now i is bald

FFS where’s my Bowl of Cornflakes

Oh, buy 'em up, w00ters…the picture alone is worth it!

Any bets on how low this one will be re-priced? I am betting on $159!