Embrava Best Sports Water Bottle

Embrava Best Sports Water Bottle
Price: $8.99
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Condition: New


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Really? I’m going to be the one to point out that the logo looks like the female reproductive system?

Ok then…

I thought the same thing, lol

Thank you for saying it first. They need to seriously rethink their logo.

Also, their name is one letter off from “Embarfa”

Exactly what I came here to say :joy:

Yep, took 3 seconds to come to the same conclusion.

Yeah, they’re not getting any quality posts for this item. Not with that logo.

Yeah. I REALLY tried to see a ram’s head, but…

Really? Perhaps you folks should take a Rorschach Test. Dr. Freud would be very interested, if he weren’t dead that is. Did you know that interpreting 4 or more symbols out of 10 on a Rorschach test as a sexual or reproductive image is an indicator of schizophrenia?
That said I obviously don’t have the experience with vaginas as you folks seemingly do.
I really came to the comments page to find out something regarding the quality of the bottle! Now all I can think of is vaginas. Anyone here see The Big Lebowski?

I honestly thought this had something to do with some kind vagina cause. You know like pink for breast cancer.

First thing my fiance noticed as I offered to buy it.

“Fortune Favors The Brave” Uterus Water Bottle… Pretty sure thats not how you hydrate a uterus…

same, especially as it is pink. endrometriosis awareness? i got here and thought ‘13 comments, okay, someone probably explained it by now’ but nope.

oh well. too bad it’s not glittery though. :notes:shine bright like vagina…:notes:


I see what ever one else sees, but how about thinking it is a ram. Just my thought

Anyone remember when we sold these shoes?

I still have my pair of women’s.

Yup, another Ram visionary failure here.

I fought against making the “Huh? A Uterus water bottle?” comment as hard as I could. Just glad I’m not the only one.

A plastic water bottle to celebrate Earth Day. Bold move, W00t.

Lighten Up Francis :smiley: