Energetic Lighting 6 watt LED Bulb, 6-pk

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Energetic Lighting 6 watt LED Bulb, 6-pk
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I don’t need dimmable in every one of my sockets, but it sure would be nice to know 10 years from now, when all of the silk screening has worn off my bulbs and I can’t tell which is which, I can just put any bulb I have (except all of those CFLs that won’t die and cost money to recycle) in any socket. Don’t buy non-dimming LEDs (or CFLs at all!), your future self will appreciate it.

I bought 12 of these when they were a gold box deal and they’re really great. They’re very bright, no blue-tinge to the light and look great in fixtures. The only negative is they take a half-second to turn on after you flip the switch. I don’t even notice it anymore, but I did when I had a mix of them and CFL bulbs… Don’t hesitate, these are great bulbs at a great price. Tempted to get another 6…

These lights are fantastic. They aren’t too “yellow” like some lights and they aren’t too “blue” like some lights. They’re simply white, and they are very bright without being a strain on the eyes. A couple times these lights have tricked me into thinking it was daytime outside, just by the hue and light level inside my house.

I am reading that 450 lumens is equivalent to a 40 watt bulb. Any thoughts on that given your real world use? That’s not near bright enough for my preferences if that is true.

From this comparison chart, these are less than 60 watt incandescent. http://eartheasy.com/live_led_bulbs_comparison.html

I dream of a dimmable deal

bought a house and 90% of the fixtures are on dimmable switches


6.5w Non-Dimmable LED from Lowes costs just $3.98.


I have one of the 800 lumen model in every light in my apartment. Love 'em.

These will go great in my a bathroom fixture over the sink. No need for dimmers in that fixture.

I also like that these are 40w equivalent. Most I see are 60w and I really don’t have a need for 60w in many places. It’s just too bright for most of my uses.

Also, a CRI > 80 should work great in a bathroom.

When you figure in the tax and hassle of going to the store, this is still a good deal. Plus - these are slightly more efficient (6w vs 6.5w).

I don’t know that these were the exact ones I bought but it seems like when I put one in my living room I could detect a bit of the CRI in my peripheral vision so I took it out.

Newegg has this same 6 pack for .01 cheaper (including shipping charges).

Philips 2 packs are $5 today only at Home Depot…so yeah, cheaper and branded product.

I have both the 60 watt equivalent in some areas and the 40’s in others. I have found that these are a bit brighter than actual 40 watt bulbs, but not annoyingly so. My nightstands have these and I found real 40 watts were almost too dark. I put these in and much nicer. Great to read from also.

My favorite led bulb is the Cree brand at Home Depot. Instant on, and has good color. You can’t tell its not a traditional bulb

I just received these to put in a bathroom fixture.

Perfect for what I was looking for. Color is spot on. Fast start. Bright.

I’m waiting for this sale again to buy the ones I’ll need in the rest of the bathrooms.