Energizer AAA Batteries (24 Count)

Energizer AAA Batteries (24 Count)

In as much as WOOT is often a clearinghouse for “less than new” items, they need to remember to post the “Guaranteed Fresh to” or “Use By” date for batteries. Especially AA & AAA which are the 2 sizes most notorious for leakage issues. If they post dates I’ll be back for some, but the last time I bought batteries when they were not listing a date they were 4 years old already - major brand batteries like Energizer & Duracell all have 10+ year shelf life when new, but what they sent me only had 6 years left. Since they were only 5% cheaper than my local store, that was NOT a good deal.

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No answer from Woot yet?

Seems since they moved the comments off the pages of the actual offers, there are far fewer comments posted, and seldom any replies from WOOT. I think they are trying to reduce overhead and have probably reduced customer service staffing…

Hi there. When we looked at the comments tab on the sale pages, we found that only a very small percentage of people visited it. I don’t think that’s affecting comments. In fact, there’s been a steady increase since the new forums launched.

One factor in the misconception of comments is the missing comment count on the discussion button. We hope to have that back soon.

As to the batteries, your comment was on the weekend and I didn’t see it until Monday when the sale had ended. While I didn’t respond, I sent your feedback to the buying team.

Thank you.

FWIW, the D-cells I bought from this plus sale have a December 2028 “expiration”.

One aspect that may throw a wrench into all this is when the items are fulfilled by Amazon. Depending on which warehouse it ships from, the dates may be different.