Energy RC-70 Tower Speaker

Energy RC-70 Tower Speaker

This is a great deal for some NOS Energys, reason I say that is because Klipsch pretty much killed them off 7-8 years ago.

Very tempting. If only I didn’t have my Energy CF-30 towers, I’d buy these in a heartbeat. I can only imagine how good these sound, given their specs.

They did the same with the Mirage division line of speakers that were very good. I purchased a pair of beautiful Mirage towers and sub on Woot a few years ago. Am still very much enjoying and looking at them. This new offering has my interest. So many nice speakers but so little extra $$ to spend on all of them. Audiophile dilemma

I remember Mirage, they used to make those neat little orb speakers that were quite phenomenal from what I’ve heard.

As for the RC-70s, they look like even more of a bargain after seeing that review. I’m seeing a hefty amount of sound deading material (looks like the stuff you’d use for insulating walls), internal bracing, and quality materials you’d never find in any speaker at $370 or even double that, especially a tower.