Esbit .6L Water Kettle

Boo. If only it were induction ready…

Bought one last time… Tiny! As in, one cup of coffee.

“Induction ready?!” Are ya kiddin’ me? This here contraption is for camping/backpacking!

My cast iron works just as well on my induction range as it does on a camp fire.

You’re going to backpack with a cast iron teapot? You’re a tougher guy then me. But yeah if car camping cast iron is great.


i have this and i love it. it holds 2.5 cups of water. 1.5 to 2 cups for my mountain house and .5 to 1 cup hot water for me to sip on.

it’s perfect for what i was looking for, especially for only $10!!

nope, I want it to whistle at me :slight_smile:

Haha, you missed that one. They had a tea kettle with a spout whistle earlier today.

I took a quick look at camp cooking gear at REI and rushed back here to buy three of these cute little German camp kettles.

can it store some stuff inside to save space? Like a fuel canister and a pocket rocket?

I demand an explanation on why a cast iron tea kettle is on sports woot. Not only is this ridiculous but it’s holding up the woot off. TT, whats the deal?

Well, it’s made of extremely light, hard anodised aluminum for starters.

It’s a lightweight backpacking kettle. Maybe read the description next time?

This is for backpacking and hiking. If you do these activities, these type of pots are essential and highly desirable. I believe a few people explained this before you posted. Obviously, reading descriptions isn’t part of your wooting technique. Otherwise you would have noticed this, as well as that this pot is not made out of cast iron, which is not possible to hike the back-country with

As the description says, it holds just over one half litre bottle of water. Perfect for when you want a cup of coffee/tea/cocoa. Not so perfect for much else. Also, it’s a “uni-tasker”. I heat water in a regular pan and don’t have to carry an extra item just for that specific task.