ESTES RC Dart Quadcopter

I own this one and whole-heartedly agree

For nearly the same price, I would recommend going with the HeliZone Lightning Bird version. It’s the same helicopter, but with upgraded 200 mAh batteries. My first V911 developed issues so I returned it and got the Lightning Bird. I’ve been very happy with it. I haven’t noticed any negative flight characteristics from the much larger batteries, and the extended flight times are very welcome. The seller also seems to be very responsive to correcting problems that come up.

Thanks for the info. What would you recommend in this price range?

I want this to have a claw grabber on it, like from the toy machines…

Syma X1 by far. Here’s a link to thread with a great review and a link to every single replacement part for it.

Which would be the best choice for a ten-year old boy?

(1) Helizone Lightning Bird

(2) Air Hogs Saw Blade

(3) Gyro V911

(4) the ESTES Dart Quadcopter being sold here at

You have no idea what you are talking about. Just because you can’t flt it doesn’t make it crap. The hubsan x4 is super easy to fly and it incredibly stable. Its like its on rails even in wind. X1s are fun to fly and all but these are so much faster and more agile. You really need to check out the thread on the hubsan X4 on The hubsan is designed to flip at full stick when it is in expert mode. In stable mode it is impossible to flip. TO anyone thinking of getting one of these, do it now. It is the best 50 bucks you can spend on something RC related.

The Estes Dart\Traxxas QR-1\Hubsan X4 are glass quads. They fly really great in close quarters and have good precision, but they’re prone to breakage. Also the LED lights ARE NOT sufficient for night flying. Think I’m biased? I sell them. If you still want to buy this glass quad, ours comes with an extra set of props that no one else offers and rubber bumper feet to protect the motor pods. Ours are also flight tested:

Those cracks in the motor pods: The first time you replace or push your props on tighter, it will cause those cracks. The plastic is crap and Hubsan is coming out with a V2, which has better plastic. You’ve been warned. If you want a bulletproof quad that flies like a raped ape, get a V202:

We’re making a Frankenquad, which is a V202 on steroids, check out some video of it:

full video library:

Those of you recommending a V911 over a quad please stop.

V911 was awesome in its day. My blog is part of the V911 modding bible:

The V911 can’t come close to touching a quad, which costs the same price.

Air Hogs are a bit of a let down. Looks like both 4 channel helis you listed are the same, good chance the V911 was a Chinese clone of the other one. I don’t have experience with the Lightning Bird, but I can tell you the V911 is loads of fun.

If the 10 year old has no experience flying helicopters, start them on the Syma 107, it’s less expensive to wreck and easier to get the hang of.

As a not so proud owner of the Dart… 2 actually… I will agree with you both here @ different points. I don’t have a Hubsan nore used one so I have no opinion but the Dart does fly well in beginner intermediate and expert BUT have fun fixing it and finding parts to even do such a thing. The traxxas has parts and are replaceable unlike the dart. I have a Blown motor on 1 and a cracked canopy on the other… Think you can salvage parts ??? Fat chance. The canopy which also holds the motors is all 1 piece and you can’t pass the motor through. So I guess, Cut the wires or buy and extremely precise soldering gun… Traxxas is a lot more repairable from what I’ve seen.