ESTES RC Dart Quadcopter

Baby’s first drone !!

It has a larger battery than the 3.5 channel helicopters we’ve seen before (204mAh vs 150 or 180mAh), but there are four motors in the quad vs the 3 in the helis (two for the front rotors and one for the tail). Does anyone know what the flight time is for this?

For me the Syma S109G Apache AH-64 is the gold standard of RC choppers: easy to learn to use, maneuverable, decent battery life, decent range, reasonably priced. However this quad looks pretty cool. Has anyone tried both and would be willing to offer a comparison? Thanks.

I own a Hobby Shop and sell these.
They fly AWESOME!
For those of you who know these things, this is IDENTICAL to the Traxxas Quad, except it only comes with one battery.
My in-store price is 59.99, so the price is Woot-er-ific too!


Able to fly with a gopro attached?

Which rocket motors is this compatible with?

If you’re looking for something fun to fly, I’d recommend this one:

Best RC helicopter you can get for under $50.

I’d like one of these in my crap bag.

So this thing is for indoors flying only? Meh. I’d rather spend a little more and get a quadrotor that can handle being flown outdoors in a mild breeze.

I have the Syma X1 for $43 and it flies outside very well. It also has a much better remote with digital display and extra buttons for making loops. I stuck a little key cam on it. See video.


I too would like to find a quadcopter that I can use to practice, that holds a GoPro Hero camera. Seems like this one on woot is too small, but I wonder about the Syma X1.

Not the best deal on the net, for a comparison of models with cameras, guns, grappling hooks and bubble makers for about the same price take a look at

For example, this one comes with two batteries and two sets of spare blades:

I have the exact same question… does it have enough lift power to carry my GoPro?

Here’s a cool video…

Be advised that the person demonstrating the 'copter is hearing impaired, therefore his speech is a tad difficult to understand.

Not a chance… You’d need a much bigger heli for the go pro… there’s not even anywhere to mount the Go Pro…

And, the go pro probably weighs 10x the weight of this…


@philippz, thoughts:

  1. Seriously cool if true - especially that a $43 syma X1 quad could carry a camera with that pic quality. What camera is it?

  2. Cheap/small single rotors squash themselves against the nearest tree when used outside. Great wind resistance - if there was any.

  3. Warn me the next time you are flying outside so I keep my kids away from you!

BTW, I was talking to a neighbor who flies one of those big carbon fiber quads with a gimbal-mounted, remote control camera. He said he could not advertise commercial services (real estate, advertising shoots, etc…) because the size of his quad and its range required an FAA license or permission or the like. He’s very credible.

Close to pulling the trigger on one of these ‘toys’…

no, these are way too small to be able to carry a go pro

I have a syma x1 and I seriously doubt it would have the lift to carry a gopro… if you wan’t something that will carry a go pro you are going to have to get into the $150 and up price range

My guess is that he had a 808 #16 camera strapped to the top. It makes the GoPro look huge and beefy. But it also cant take an impact at all. Its fine if you are a good pilot… Not so good if you aren’t very stable with the stick.

We fly lots of quadcopters at my office (mostly Syma X1s which are awesome and so easy to repair), but one of my coworkers received the Hubsan X4 (which looks almost exactly the same as this model and the Traxxas QR-1). It was crap and is currently being returned.

While it certainly feels very sturdy, the thing is also practically unflyable. Every time you change directions, it will do a flip. This doesn’t sound so bad until you realize that simply changing directions is all it takes for the quadcopter to go completely out of control and crash. The only way to avoid flipping is to completely let go of the move stick for at least 3 seconds. Also, after just a couple minutes of flying one of the motors broke internally rendering it useless.

Other complaints include that the quadcopter makes a very high pitch squealing noise all the time which really pains the ears. Also, this quadcopter will draw blood if you touch the blades while they are spinning. All the other quadcopters we fly will sting a bit if they hit you, but will not pierce the skin.

Here’s a link to the Hubsan:

And a link to the other identical quadcopter, the Traxxas QR-1: