Eureka Capture Plus Bagless Vacuum

Duelling vacuums on and home.woot!

I only have 1 question…Which one “sucks” the best???

Is it just me, or does it look like Eureka is copying the colors of the Dyson vacs?

Anyone have one and can comment on how well it works for an older person who doesn’t want something very heavy? I sure do love the price!

Capture Plus has 4.6 rating at overstock It’s also a little more than one third their price. ($140 refurbished)

[Is about $100 new from the Zon, with some good reviews too.]( [/url)

**Black **
Pet Lover Deluxe Bagless Upright $145 shipped new with 4 star review at the zon

FilterAir Bagless Only has two reviews over at amazon and is selling for about $140 new.

Seems like these are all great deals, but it seems Capture plus and Pet Lovers 2TheMax have the best track records.

Seriously folks, I need good news on this vacuum at this awesome price! I need a vacuum!!!

So I don’t have a pet. Which one is the best fit for me (if any)? 50 bucks seems like a good price to upgrade my poorly working old vaccum.

Okay, this sucks. home.woot has a eureka and has a Dyson. I think they’re spying on me and seeing how much dog hair is on the floor.

Here’s the product page on Amazon for Pet Lover Deluxe

Reviews look good.

Ok, in for one Pet Deluxe!!

ATTN WOOT: Please make sure mine is a new looking/never used-ish one and maybe test it before leaving the warehouse, this is the third vacuum in 3 months and I NEED it to last!!!

-thanks ThunderThighs for seeing this message makes it! :slight_smile: pleeeeeaase!!

Thank you!

I bought this vacuum to use in my retail store. It does a good job, yet its heavy and would not be a good choice for an environment with packing peanuts. It clogs easily with those things, so I brought it home and its great in the home environment.
Probably not great for an older person as its heavy. But it picks up dog hair, dirt and has two washable filters in it. Love being able to dump the stuff out of it and the on board hoses are a nice feature too.

Manuals are on their way. Having a little trouble with the first one and my dyslexia is slowing me down on the other 3.

To make this easy for me I’ll just post them all in the same order I posted my review links and add the names later.

Capture Plus (Yellow):
Owners Manual
Quick Start Guide
Maintenence Schedule

Pet Lovers Plus (Purple):
Owners Manual

Pet Lovers Deluxe (Black):
Owner’s Manual

FilterAir Bagless (Grey):
Owner’s Manual

Anybody have any insight into the two different Pet Lover models? The Plus has the brushroll on/off switch, which I guess is supposed to make it work on wood floors as well as rugs. But the Deluxe seems to have a higher MSRP - $150 vs. $120. ETA: WRONG. That was based on the earlier faulty links. MSRP on the Plus is actually $170. In for one of those, then.

What, if anything, makes the Deluxe better than the Plus?

I have two long haired cats, and area rugs over hardwood - no wall-to-wall except basement, if that helps offer guidance.

PS: Why don’t these forums support the BBCode [s] strikethrough tag?

Heh, these are being drop-shipped from the vendor so we’ll never see them. But if you have any issues, contact because you know they’re terrific.

I have an older model of this from Costco. It has some nice features(like the duster), but it’s a $50 vacuum for a reason. Great if you’re starting out, but you’ll want to replace it with a $300+ vacuum sooner or later

Amazon has the Deluxe at $113 (save $36) and the Plus at $179, with links to Woot so they would seem to be the same models.

Here’s how I looked at them.

Just keep in mind that you’re only getting the attachments we list. Often the difference is an attachment or two. With refurbs, those attachments are sometimes not included. Same thing with the Dyson’s today. Normally the purple would be an animal version with an extra attachment.

wow, I think I almost know how Thunderthighs feels after a wootclue game. Those manuals were brutal. Switching between the model numbers to the eureka page to the pdfs. Then bringing them back here, matching them up to the products and hyperlinking everything together.

I’m tired.

(you’re right though TT, Having two windows open helps a lot. Even more when they’re on two different monitors.)