Eureka Self-Propelled HEPA Bagless Vacuum



lol at front page: This deal sucks


omg, useless


Subtitle: “This deal sucks”

I concur


a Vac?..hmmmmm temping…


THIS WOOT SUCKS!!! har har har!


:frowning: time to wait another 24 hrs. I wanna WooT!


what a waste of waiting for…


how good is this vac?


i stayed up for THIS??? post…oh well i think ill go check the msrp maybe it has ebay potential


I hope I’m the first person to come up with this ingenius phrase:
Woot the fuck?


Man, Ill tell you what sucks. I JUST bought a vaccum today!

What sucks worse? That people actually need a self-propelled vacccum.

$10 says that the people that buy this for it’s self-propelled feature probably have alot of crap to vaccum up. Lazy bastards.

The lazy bastard support group:

Shamless plug numero five.


Oh well, back to UT.


How many of us geeks/nerds/techies/etc. clean our rooms? With that said, I am sure that the general audience that this site attracts (insomniac techies) is certainly unsatisfied with today’s woot! But, it is very tempting to buy, lol. :smiley: If only I cleaned more often and didn’t already have a vacuum.


does it doubble as a high gain wireless antenna?

isn’t it a shame that the manufacturer needs to put a warning to keep ALL body parts form the openings?


79.99 Woot price


A different deal, yes. Not the amazing electronics superbargin I was looking for, but OK. I have a new vacuum and don’t really need another. See you tomorrow, wooters.


Whats up with the full size pic? LOL :lol:
The Vacuum Boys?!? LOL


$119 @
ok deal i guess if you need a vac


I like woot’s sense of humor:

Subtitle: this deal sucks
Larger picture: