Everglide S-500 Professional Headphones


If I hadn’t just bought some skullcandy…

Never heard of em…next

cheaper than the other headphones- but paaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssss


I have those headphones, they rock.


wearing these right now actually… really great.

I got a black pair of theses about a month ago, i love them
really good for only 20 bux!

Woot! I love the description! How many hours did I waste playing Gauntlet??


hmmm anybody own these? i just ran over my headphones with my chair and sliced an earpiece off this morning.

work with a Mac?


I got a pair of these from woot awhile back.

Not impressed.

Anyone staying up all night?

I want my life back. When is that on sale…

Please no. What’s the longest woot off record?

same! I love mine