Exquisite Hotel Collection All Season Down Alternative Comforter

Purchased this about a week ago, just received today. Compared to what I was using, its not very warm. Nothing wrong with the build quality however for only $20.00. I like to be warm at night so I wouldlnt recommend this to use during the winter if you live in colder climates. That being said, it is going to be PERFECT for me during the spring / summer / fall.

How is the fabric material for pet fur? I love the navy color but I worry that white fur would get stuck in the fibers.

Just got mine today. I would not have paid even $10. It’s about 1/2 as “lofty” as the picture, so it’s thin, both the cover material and overall weight, and just feels cheap. After the first wash, the filling was coming out from all sewn edges. I’ve been picking clusters of filling out of my washer. NOT WORTH IT.

I agree that it’s not very warm. Mine has 3 or 4 layers of the filling in the corners sections and it’s starting to bunch up. Also mine was not “Finished with Slick Polyester cord surround”.

Disappointing- thin and not really like the picture at all. Wouldn’t have purchased had I seen it first. Probably be ok for Spring and early Fall use