Extravagonzo Specialty Culinary Infused Oils Four - Pack

Extravagonzo Specialty Culinary Infused Oils Four - Pack
$39.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: 375ml Bottles
1 375ml Roasted Garlic Infused Olive Oil
1 375ml Red Chili Infused Culinary Oil
1 375ml Blood Orange Infused Culinary Oil
1 375ml Meyer Lemon Infused Culinary Oil

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Thank you, once again, for Food Friday!..

This is the finest infused oil available…

I guess this is primarily for salads?

The Site Extravagonzo

Sideswiped once again… gracias, Cesare…

Same exact set sells for $80 plus shipping here. Foodoro’s got the garlic for $17 and shipping, but they otherwise seem to be about $20/bottle.

For the mathematically-impaired, that makes this essentially half-off.

That said, anyone know if these are worth it?

How 'bout the Roasted Garlic Infusion Wondernous?..

No, you can use them for many things. For example, in a brownie recipe, substitute 1/2 of the regular oil with the orange or lemon infused oil.

There’s a local olive mill here in AZ that does infused oils. I love using a drizzle of their lime infused oil on fish or rice.

damn too bad ive already been spending too much on woot as of late

i love cooking, and i know i could get some tasty recipes out of these with the wood Woot grilling planks, veggies and fish

hope someone snags these!

or… is it wonderousness?..

$20 per bottle on amazon…

Their own website ‘special’ is $63.00 for the 4-pack + $10.00 shipping…

Another great deal - and another 2-w00t week for me…

I prefer other infusions for Brownies, however, these are fantabulous for marinades, albeit in moderation…

Why are only three of the four infused oils listed as “culinary” and not the Garlic Infused?..

That’s a great question. Their website lists the Garlic Infused as “culinary” as well, so I assume it’s probably not significant.

Red chili is the way to go for brownies.

Here ya go… Habanero Chocolate Chile Brownies

When do these expire and/or what is the shelf life?

I love using these for sauteing vegetables. Adds great flavor to a soup base. You can also add a little ground black pepper and sea salt for a great dipping oil.

Hmm, no details are given for the grapeseed oil. I wouldn’t want such fine olive oil mixed with a refined industrial oil, though it seems like an odd combination.

I’ve had some pretty good success with using a pepper infused oil for spicier stir fry, in the past. It was a different brand, but I believe the bottle I currently have ran me 20 at point of sale.