Farmer Jon's Savory Popcorn, 3 Pack

Farmer Jon's Savory Popcorn, 3 Pack

Ouch! 32 bucks for popcorn?!


Yes. Woot has been coming up with dome Woosies for price gouging on some merchandise.


Just because the price is higher than you personally would pay, it doesn’t mean it’s price gouging. You’d have to look at what this popcorn normally sells for and compare it to what Woot is offering. If this brand is a “premium” brand some would consider it reasonable to pay a higher price.

Not me, of course. I buy cheap microwave popcorn at a discount store.


There is no doubt that this is overpriced. You can order it directly from the company, 2 16oz containers for 25 (.79/oz) where this is 3 11oz containers for 32 (.97/oz). If you buy 5 containers from the company, you pay 10 for each one (.63/oz).

It is unfortunate that Woot has gotten to the point that you have to actually do some research to make sure you’re actually getting a good deal.


I have a hard time believing this product is substantially different than the cheese popcorn you buy at the grocery store. Normal price there for the same volume is about $24 and you do not have to buy it in volume. Buying on Woot used to mean either it was something unusual or a good price savings and hopefully both. Now days it seem all Woot Gourmet provides is the advantage of having to wait for your purchase and pay a premium even though you buy in volume.

I would expect a discount for items on Woot and a discount for buying in volume. So whether it is because of Woot or the supplier, I would say yes, this is price gouging.

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The high price is because it’s organic and non-gmo right? Oh wait. It is NOT organic or non-gmo so i guess the high cost is for all the extra ingredients like artificial colors, disodium phosphate and silicon dioxide.


You know microwave popcorn is really bad for you! You should research it!

Disodium phosphate is twice as good as regular sodium phosphate … and silicon dioxide far exceeds silicon oxide. And THAT’s the gourmet difference. #GetWhatYouPayFor

I’m having Christmas nightmares already.

So, so, so many buckets of mediocre popcorn

Only if you are a lab rat living in the state of California.

Joking aside, there are several brands of microwave popcorn which are just three ingredients (popcorn, oil, salt). My local Publix sells “Black Jewell”. There is also Amish Country Popcorn. Both are great, just add your own butter or additional flavors. Not all microwave popcorn is evil incarnate.

PS - I like microwave popcorn for convenience, but my absolute favorite is the Red or Blue varieties sold by Amish Country Popcorn popped in a Stir Crazy.