Fat Boy Water Repellent Bean Bag Chairs

Really? $200 for an indoor/outdoor beanbag chair?

True fact: The Intern and I love watching movies and reading books in a huge beanbag. Not one of these, mind you, but the thought is there.

Are you part of the beanbag fan club? Do you want to be? Let’s hear from some owners!

These aren’t foam, so the beads will deflate over time and they’re expensive at $30 to refill Ultimax beads on amazon. I recommend foam bean bag chairs such as Jaxx or Fuf because you can just refluff them.

I own a 5 foot foof chair and love it. Picked it up used for 20 bucks, but they are like 300 new. Its pretty insane the pricing on these things. 200 is actually competitive unfortunately. They are ridiculously comfy though, super sized bean bag furniture in general that is.

From the last time I saw these on sale thread, I own this:

I believe it is the Sumo brand. By far, more comfortable than I expected. I’ve fallen asleep on that thing more times than I can count.

In for 1 if it comes with a date with this lady!

I’ve considered this every time it has come up, because it would be perfect for gaming, however, the one bad Amazon review about the buckle-up strap breaking is the thing preventing me from the purchase. It does appear to be a potential design flaw and if that strap broke from use people under 150lb, then it stands no chance of withstanding me and hours of gaming.

So, is it meant to be sized for a sumo, or feel like sitting on a sumo?

I’m not 10, I don’t own a bean bag.