Faucets of the Rich and Thirsty

I was excited when I saw these because I’m in the market to buy 3 (2 for rental, one for myself) pulldown faucets but after doing some research it seems the locking mechanism are poor at holding the heads in place unless they are magnetic. Do any of these pulldown faucets have a magnetic latch for the head? Not seeing it in the specs :frowning:

Most of the lavatory faucets indicate that they do not come with the matching drain hardware. Definite deal breaker.

I recently installed an American Standard lavatory faucet that came with their patented Speed Connect drain connector. I don’t think I’ll ever buy another type of faucet. It works great and is the easiest faucet I’ve ever installed. I was hoping some of these were similar. You got me excited, Woot. :frowning:

how do i get the faucet that dispenses green bacon?

I know I already sound like a shill (I’m not), but I just bought an Eljer faucet at Menards after I posted this, and it also has a speed connect drain. Either Eljer & American Standard are made by the same company, or they just license the Speed Connect patent.

Elger is the same company as American Standard. It’s there own “off brand”. I just replaced all of the faucets in my house and I would never recommend buying a faucet from anyone other than Moen,Kholer, or American Standard. Moens are only slightly more expensive than this and have a lifetime warentee on all parts and finish.

The company that distributes most of these faucets has a limited lifetime warranty and will replace parts for free.