Favorite Art Books?

I’m hoping to build up my personal collection of art books a bit this year. Anyone have any personal favorites they’d like to suggest? Anything you found particularly interesting, or reference frequently?

I’ll start by suggesting one. I recently picked up “Awakening Beauty: The Art of Eyvind Earle”. He did backgrounds for Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, but he also produced a lot of other great stuff and has a style I really like. I’d definitely recommend checking it out.

For a less specific look. I have learned about so many great artists via this book: The Art of the Disney Golden Books.
Under $20 on amazon.

Ok, so, not really a book but the series Abstract: The Art of Design on Netflix is awesome. I bet some of those people wrote books if you’re looking for new creative authors. I started following some on Instagram to get daily bits of inspiration. Specifically Christoph Niemann is inspirational because of his abstract way of seeing things.
I also recently started doing some Lynda.com courses taught by Von Glitschka. I like to see his thought process as he creates a project and I’ve started following him on Instagram too since I like his style. He has a lot of books but I haven’t read any yet.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll definitely check it out.

I posed the question on books, but any other suggestions are welcome, so thanks. I think I’ve had Abstract: The Art of Design saved to my Netflix queue for awhile, I’ve just not gotten around to watching it yet. Glad to hear you liked it. And more actively following artist on Instagram is solid suggestion as well.

When it comes to cartooning and animation, Preston Blair’s books can’t be beat. Try to find the old big ones though.

Been a bit since I looked in on this, appreciate the suggestion.

I’ve also been slowly building up my collection of illustrated children’s books, since that’s something I’d like to attempt one day. To anyone interested I’d recommend any of the books written by Rachel Bright that are illustrated by Jim Field. I think their “The Lion Inside” book actually did fairly well, so everyone may already be familiar with them. But they also did “The Koala Who Could”, and “The Squirrels Who Squabbled”. There’s some great art by Fields in all of those. Plus they’re actually really great stories if you have any kiddos around.

hr giger necronomicon 1 or 2, both very much classics. Not super cheap, unless you’re lucky!

There are many images from little golden books (old ones) that my wife would love to have as poster sized prints, especially the work of Mary Blair and Retta Scott. If anyone know of a place or of HQ images please let me know…

If you check out Parka Blogs website you’ll find quite the variety of art books! :slight_smile: