FenSens Wireless HD 1080p Backup Camera

FenSens Wireless HD 1080p Backup Camera

If you are a Costco member, this one looks like the same hardware on the camera side, and comes with a dedicated display so you don’t have to load up the app to use it. And $15 cheaper with free shipping. https://www.costco.com/type-s-solar-powered-hd-quick-connect-wireless-backup-camera.product.100425010.html

Solar power works great in my garage!

it’s also forty dollars cheaper on Amazon

Is this the same thing for $89.99…


copefiend2 No, that is a park distance only, not a camera.

I have this and the hardware is very good, software has issues, takes time to load and I have to restart software to get video feed.

That’s the parking sensor, it’s not a camera

That’s the parking sensor

It lasts 3 months without any solar charging with regular use and it charges when you drive, run errands, etc.

This is an older version of the product, hardware is older too.